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Youre Invited to Help Make UI for Xamarin Documentation Great_870X220

Documentation is now available in Github and you're invited to contribute and help us fill any gaps. Give your feedback!

BoyZone once sang, "It's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away..." 

This couldn't be more true when it comes to developers and documentation. Even the best development tools or platforms may fall flat on their faces if developers are not happy with documentation—it's often the soul behind a great product.

Here at Progress, we've always taken documentation for Telerik products seriously. And UI for Xamarin is no exception. If you've ever built Xamarin apps with our UI controls, you've probably relied heavily on our documentation—a primary resource that tells you how to get stuff done. It's good, but we can make it better—with your help!

Have comments about UI for Xamarin content you just read? Just navigate to the bottom of the page and take advantage of the brand new feedback form. Your feedback really matters to us—seriously, we take each one to heart!


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Just providing feedback not enough? Would you rather fix something yourself? We hear you. And here's the BIG news—Telerik UI for Xamarin documentation is now available on GitHub. We invite you to come work with us and you're more than welcome to contribute and help us fill any gaps.

The documentation repository contains source content—written in Markdown—that we use to power Telerik UI for Xamarin documentation at We believe that product documentation is at its best when the content is a collaboration between the builders and consumers of that product.  You can clone this repository, read the docs offline, or even load the entire thing to an Apple Newton, if that's your thing. 

If you're fond of Telerik UI for Xamarin, help us improve it—you can now play a role in making our docs better for everyone. Better docs leads to happier developers. Here's how to contribute. Together we can make documentation a beautiful thing. Cheers!

Contribute on GitHub

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Rossitza Fakalieva

Rossitza Fakalieva is a Technical Manager, Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies and a Director of the Bulgarian chapter of the global Women Who Code organization. She previously worked on the Telerik engineering team and defines herself as .NET enthusiast. She loves to empower others to grow in their career and in the tech field—by teaching, by delivering courses and presentations, and as part of her daily job.

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