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Let’s take a look at how HORIZON converted to using Telerik Reporting for all their report-writing needs.

HORIZON Lab Systems first started working with Telerik DevCraft toolbox and Kendo UI libraries in 2015. When the time came to replace a no longer actively supported electronic report designer, the Telerik line of report-writing software—Telerik Reporting—was one of the first evaluated. With the prior knowledge of client support for Telerik products and other integral products, plus having a consistent look and feel, Telerik Reporting became somewhat of an easy choice—albeit, like other products, it underwent an intensive evaluation process.

Internally, HORIZON has continued to streamline its tech stack, relying on as few third-party vendors as possible. Incorporating the Telerik report design tools since Kendo UI controls were already being used was a natural fit. The ease of integration with HORIZON’s own software was the final key, dovetailing in neatly. Not only was reporting greatly improved, two third-party vendors became one.

In a laboratory, the report is the product. The final product must be accurate, look appropriate and, ideally, generate quickly. With COVID testing came the need for some of our laboratory clients to generate 10,000-plus reports within a 6-hour timeframe. A major plus of the Telerik report-writing software was speed—reports generate up to 100 times faster than the prior report-writing software. This was a crucial need that Telerik was able to deliver on.

To mention a few added benefits, the integrated charts are a great feature. Integrated barcodes without the need for specialized fonts, as well as the ability to pull images directly from the database, has become important. Where our old report writer would have been clunky, Telerik Reporting has made things simple.

HORIZON’s use of Telerik tools has been a major positive step. We were able to gain speed, add reporting options while maintaining a budget. While modifying and recoding reports is not especially easy, it has been as painless as possible with a major upside upon completion.

Editor’s note: Learn More and Try for Yourself

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