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Get up to speed on what's new in the Kendo UI for Vue R3 2018 release, including WCAG 2.1 compliance, new components, themes and more.

To ensure that folks aren't overwhelmed with the full list of updates coming out from the Kendo UI bundle, in addition to a summary post I wanted to extract the changes into blog posts for each framework that we support. So, with that I present you with the updates to our Vue.js components in R3 2018!

WCAG 2.1 Compliance

A big announcement for R3 2018 is that the Vue.js components are now fully WCAG 2.1 compliant! This is huge news for anyone looking to ensure that their applications are as accessible as possible. The great benefit here is that it's all taken care of out-of-the-box without having to sacrifice anything from a user experience perspective.

Vue Gets New Components

With R3 2018 we are getting two new components for Vue, specifically the MultiColumnComboBox and the ArcGauge components.


The name hints at what this is, but essentially this is a data table within a ComboBox.


This component shares features with our existing ComboBox component, which means that immediately you get access to the following feature set:

  • Server filtering
  • Virtualization
  • Grouping
  • Templates
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Cascading MultiColumnComboBoxes



As you can see above, the ArcGauge component provides an elegant way to display a value without the extra fluff that may come from other data visualizations. Quick and straight to the point.

Updates to Existing Vue Components

The Vue.js TreeList component is getting a lot of attention this release with some of the top-voted features being implemented for R3 2018. This includes:

  • Batch/In-Cell Editing
  • Client-side Paging
  • Multi-column Headers
  • Keyboard Navigation

I recommend jumping over to our Vue TreeList documentation to see more about these features!

The Grid also received a few top-voted features:

  • Group Summaries available in group headers
  • Support for window.matchMedia in Grid columns
  • API to programmatically change column width

The Vue Grid documentation will showcase these additions in action.

Another component to mention here is the Conversational UI component that received the new toolbar feature. This was brought in due to popular demand and allows end-users to add in images, voice, and other items in to their chat component. This expands interaction capabilities past simple text, and gives developers the flexibility to add in their own custom functionality.


Material Theme Comes to Vue

With the R3 2018 release the Material theme, based on Google's Material Design, is now officially supported with the Kendo UI wrappers for Vue! We followed the guidelines closely so you should be able to add this in to any application that may already be using Material Design. Of course, this also allows you to use our components as an easy way to make any new application adhere to Material Design.


Major Update to Vue Docs

One thing that I want to shout out is the huge effort that our support and engineering team went through with our Vue documentation. With the R3 2018 release we have added over 200 new demos within our Vue documentation. The goal is to ensure that developers will not have to mix-and-match resources when picking up the components and can instead focus on one single area to learn everything about Kendo UI and Vue!

We Want to Hear from You

I say this in all my posts, but it's always important - make your voice heard! Comment in the section below, or submit something to our feedback portal. If you feel like we missed anything with this release, or if you have any ideas for new additions that you'd like to see in the future, definitely use these pages to ensure we hear about it.

Want to See the Updates in Action?

There's quite a lot in here, and it was only through the lense of making you aware of the updates that occurred. If you want to see this (and more) in action, then join myself and my colleagues for the LIVE Kendo UI Webinar happening on September 27th at 11 a.m. ET! Seats are limited to make sure to reserve yours today!

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