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If you want fast and strongly-typed access to your controller actions, the T4 helpers by David Ebbo are a real treasure. Since we couldn’t provide an support for them out-of the box (after all, the helper classes are generated), here is a small extension method that allows their usage as shown in the screenshot above.


using System.Web.Mvc;
using Telerik.Web.Mvc;
using Telerik.Web.Mvc.Infrastructure;
using Telerik.Web.Mvc.UI;

public static class NavigationItemBuilderExtensions
    public static NavigationItemBuilder<TItem, TBuilder> Action<TItem, TBuilder>
        (this NavigationItemBuilder<TItem, TBuilder> instance, ActionResult action)
        where TItem : NavigationItem<TItem> 
        where TBuilder : NavigationItemBuilder<TItem , TBuilder>, IHideObjectMembers
        var t4ActionResult = action as T4MVC_ActionResult; 

        Guard.IsNotNull(t4ActionResult, "action"); 


        return instance;

Note that the use of generics enables this extension method for all navigation components.

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