If you have already hopped on the train of developing Windows 10 applications then you’ll definitely enjoy the news that we are introducing a new suite with the Q3 2015 release of Telerik DevCraft—UI for Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

Compatibility with the Universal Windows Platform

It is my pleasure to announce that we have extended the majority of our Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 controls to be compatible with the latest Universal Windows Platform that is part of Windows 10. This means that you can use them for creating Windows 10 applications, share a single codebase and run on a multitude of Microsoft devices. The controls utilize the adaptive layout approach exposed by the platform. The bundle contains 20 controls, everything from the fastest ListView on the market and DataForm to data visualization controls like Chart, BulletGraph and Gauges. There's also a Map, a Calendar and a number of input pickers and navigation controls.

Here’s the full list of controls in alphabetical order.

  • AutoCompleteBox 
  • BulletGraph 
  • BusyIndicator 
  • Calendar
  • Chart 
  • DataForm 
  • DataStorage
  • Date picker
  • Expander
  • Gauge 
  • HubTile 
  • ListView 
  • Map
  • NumericBox 
  • Pagination 
  • RadialMenu 
  • RangeSlider 
  • Rating
  • SideDrawer
  • Time picker

The controls above have been bundled in a new product called “UI for Universal Windows Platform” and should not be mistaken with our existing offering “UI for Windows Universal.” 

Coming soon... DataGrid!

As you might have correctly guessed, the biggest missing piece from the list above is the DataGrid. We recognize the need for such control and the role it plays in data driven applications. That’s why we will use the upcoming months to reevaluate its design and make it more compliant with the latest mobile design guidelines. Once we do that we’ll include the control in the product bundle. Let us know which DataGrid features you consider most important in the feedback portal. This will help us better prioritize our tasks.

In the meantime, the available ListView control is a perfect substitute for similar scenarios—it can work with large sets of data, supports grouping, sorting and filtering, and offers various layout definitions and much more. 

A DataForm is Already Included

Indeed, we reworked the DataForm for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 to be compatible with the UWP, which means that you can use it in your Windows 10 apps. It supports inline icons in the default property editors as well.

UI for UWP DataForm

Why the Community Tech Preview (CTP) Label?!

The reason is that we are still polishing the controls to be even more compliant with the Universal Windows Platform. Our ultimate goal is to have the most complete and most advanced suite for Windows 10, Xbox and UWP-based IoT development on the market. The new UI bundle is suitable for testing and production purposes though, so we urge you to download UI for UWP by clicking on the link below, play with the bits and let us know what you think in the comments or our feedback portal. All the feedback will be highly appreciated.

Download Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform

About the Author

Kiril Stanoev

Hi, I'm Kiril and I'm the Product Manager of Telerik UI for Android, Windows Universal and Windows Phone. Feel free to ping me on +KirilStanoev or @KirilStanoev

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