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Check out a sneak peek of the new Xamarin TreeView Control making its way into Telerik UI for Xamarin on May 16th with the Telerik R2 2018 release. 

We're very happy to announce that we will be shipping a TreeView control with the next release of our Telerik UI for Xamarin suite on May 16th. Developers have been looking for the option to add a TreeView to their apps since 2014 and have been working on numerous workarounds and open source versions. However, for developers building line-of-business apps the available options aren't always enough, and we wanted to step in and help out.

The Implications of TreeViews in Mobile Apps

TreeViews are commonly used in applications to display data in hierarchical file structure or as a navigation tool. User might not know the name, but if they've worked with MS Outlook or another mail client, they've been relying it on heavily to navigate through their folders. In this type of navigation, the tree visualizes the structure of the data and each node navigates to a sub-section or folder of the larger one. One can, of course, can go quite deeply on any given node and have many sub-nodes.

TreeView navigation is often used in file or folder management apps such as Office 365, Dropbox or G Drive, as well as dashboard and report apps and mail clients. Check out an example image of the TreeView component in Telerik UI for Xamarin below:

Xamarin TreeView- Sneak Peek

You will be able to quickly add and set up the TreeView control for your mobile app to serve your file management or navigation needs, and to customize it further based on your project. With the support for Checkboxes, you can enable the selection of multiple items in the list or a whole node at the same time. The control will also have theming support and you can style it with the already available Blue theme in the suite.

Try the New Features on May 16th

We hope you're as excited as we are about the new TreeView control for Xamarin apps and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

This is just one of many new features coming to the Telerik UI for Xamarin suite, so be sure to download the latest version on May 16th and try them all out.

Learn More at the Webinar

While you're waiting, don't forget to sign up for the Telerik R2 2018 Release webinar on May 30th, where we will cover all the features and updates to the Xamarin suite as well as the other .NET products in our portfolio. You can also win one of our cool prizes and be sure to ask any questions before and during the webinar with #HeyTelerik via Twitter.

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