Telerik UI R2 2018 Release Webinar

Telerik R2 2018 Release Webinar

Modern UI for .NET & JavaScript.
Now with support for Chatbots!

Wednesday, May 30th @ 11:30 am EST

As a developer, you want the UI of your apps to provide a modern and up-to-date interface that delivers an excellent user experience.

At Progress, our mission is to make that easy to do. The R2 2018 release of our Telerik .NET and Kendo UI JavaScript controls delivers enhancements and improvements that enable you to create performant business applications with a modern UI.

Also coming in this release are the new Conversational UI components. These components enable .NET and JavaScript developers to create modern conversational chatbot experiences in their applications, regardless of the bot framework they choose. Here are some of the top highlights of the release:

For the Web Dev

  • Additional Tag Helpers
  • SignalR Support
  • Cloud Integration, Docs & Sample Apps update
  • A bunch of new controls

For the Mobile Dev

  • New TreeView and BarCode controls to Xamarin
  • ListView expand/collapse groups to Xamarin
  • DayView functionality to the Calendar in Xamarin and UWP

For the Desktop Dev

  • New Image Editor Control and Fluent Dark Theme for WinForms
  • Format Painter Support in RichTextBox (WPF) and RichTextEditor (WinForms)
  • Regex Validation Support in MaskedInput (WPF)

To learn more, sign up for the special Telerik R2 2018 release webinar, broadcast live from ProgressNEXT in Boston on Wednesday, May 30 at 11:30 a.m. EST. Our developer experts will:

  • In-depth Review of all the latest features and enhancements
  • Provide an overview of the cloud integration documentation
  • Give you an inside look at Conversational UI
  • Share a sneak peek of our in-development LOB AR/VR controls

We’ll also be giving away prizes to webinar participants, so remember to post any questions before and during the event via #heyTelerik on Twitter!

Watch the recording:

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