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With the increased and improved Internet availability on mobile devices, more and more applications become connected to deliver instant access to personal data stored in the cloud.


Keeping up with the pace, we decided to power-up the RadControls for Windows Phone 8 suite with something completely new and fresh: a sweet bunch of cloud-enabled controls that cover common cloud-related scenarios. Using the Telerik Everlive Cloud services and building upon several existing and well known controls, we now cover scenarios which would normally require a lot of additional effort.

For example:

 1. Setting up a web server, that exposes all your entities, and is capable of querying and updating a database;

2. A mechanism capable of querying your web server and storing all the downloaded data locally in a database;

3. Components that use the above mentioned mechanism etc.

Here’s what’s included in this first of its kind cloud-powered UI suite for Windows Phone:

RadCloudDataForm – Perform all the familiar database operations (create, read, update, delete) on any object stored on your cloud without the need to write complex code.

RadCloudDiagnostics – Receive anonymous crash reports directly in your cloud account. The data received can contain application version, application total runs, application runs after last update, device model, navigation stack and more.

RadCloudFeedback – The component shortens the communication gap between a developer and application users. You now have a ready-to-use mechanism for receiving application feedback directly to your cloud. 

RadCloudJumpList – Extending the existing RadJumpList control, its cloud counterpart allows you to easily display lists of Cloud based objects in your application and perform familiar data operations (filtering, sorting etc.) on them.

RadCloudLogin – A lightweight, yet powerful, the component makes the login experience seamless and effortless and is the perfect solution for authorizing your application users. 

RadCloudNotification – Reach your application users easily. The RadCloudNotification component helps you stay in touch with your application users and keep them up to date with the latest news.

RadCloudPictureGallery – one of the most powerful controls in the suite, the RadCloudPictureGallery implements a flexible infrastructure for mimicking the native Windows Phone picture gallery. The control allows you to implement support for uploading, browsing, editing and sharing cloud-based pictures in your application.

RadCloudPictureUpload – Upload images directly to your cloud. 

RadCloudRegistration – Provide a seamless registration experience to your application users and obtain any type of information necessary.

RadCloudSettings – Create, store, and maintain application and user preferences directly on the cloud. With the power of the cloud in your hands you can share application settings across multiple devices and applications.

Also part of the suite is the Telerik Cloud Data Sync mechanism that allows you to store objects locally and make sure they are in sync with their Cloud counterparts.

To simplify the process of integrating these new components into a Windows Phone 8 application, we have prepared a couple of Visual Studio project templates that have a wizard which guides you through the process of integrating your app with the Telerik Everlive Services.

We have additionally prepared two real-life examples that use all Cloud controls, as well as the Cloud Data Sync component.

Download the cloud controls now

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Deyan Ginev
About the Author

Deyan Ginev

Deyan has been with Telerik for more than ​six years working on several different products with main focus on mobile technologies. Deyan is currently working on NativeScript– a platform for developing native mobile apps with JavaScript. Find him on Twitter via

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