Up until today, of all product lines that Telerik offers only RadControls for WinForms required full installation of the product in order to view the examples the suite comes with. All other product lines had a web version of their Quick-Start Frameworks (QSFs), making product and feature reviews easy and trouble-free.

Ever since the introduction of RadControls for WinForms a couple of years ago, we have been looking for ways to provide the WinForms demos to our customers without asking them to install the suite beforehand. Yes, there are several technologies which allow WinForms apps to run in web-based environments, but all proved to be either too time-consuming to work with and maintain, or did not offer good performance and slowed down the application too much to call it usable.

With the help of Xenocode - the experts in application virtualization technology - we are now able to offer a Virtualized version of the RadControls for WinForms demos which can be ran directly from our site, meaning that no registration or installation is required. A file with the virtualized examples still needs to be downloaded, but it is 2 ½ times smaller than the complete product package (because it lacks the VS projects and documentation), and the demos run right away, with no performance issues.

With this move we hope to considerably simplify your decision-making process by reducing the time to review and test our WinForms features. In addition, the virtualized demos can be used for presentations in case you need to show a feature or two to your customers (or superiors) without the need to have the product installed locally.

About the Author

Nikolay Diyanov

Diyanov is the Product Manager of the Native Mobile UI division at Progress. Delivering outstanding solutions that make developers' lives easier is his passion and the biggest reward in his work. In his spare time, Nikolay enjoys travelling around the world, hiking, sun-bathing and kite-surfing.

Find him on Twitter @n_diyanov or on LinkedIn.


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