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With the R1'19 Service Pack release of Telerik UI for Xamarin, we've added a few new features to our PDF Viewer, Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3 support and a variety of improvements across the suite.

With the first major release of the year of Telerik UI for Xamarin, we released the PdfViewer - a component to display PDF documents right within your app. With the service pack release, we built on top of it and have included some more nifty features:

  • FileDocumentSource - you can now point RadPdfViewer to a file on your device. Moreover, it is smart enough to allow you to provide it through a string:
    <telerikPdfViewer:RadPdfViewer x:Name="pdfViewer"  Source="{Binding FilePath}" />
    Where FilePath is a string property in your viewmodel:
    string FilePath {get;}
  • RadPdfViewer.Document property is now public, so you can easily track when the document is loaded/changed
  • When a new document is loaded, it is automatically adjusted to fit the current width for best viewing experience
  • ByteArrayDocumentSource.IsImportAsync is now true by default and available for configuration

VisualStudio 2019 Preview 3

I have good news for all of tech enthusiasts already on VisualStudio 2019 – Telerik UI for Xamarin is compatible with the latest version of VisualStudio 2019 (Preview 3). You can take advantage of the convenient project template which creates a project ready to accommodate all Telerik controls...

Telerik Project Template in VS 2019

... or any of the ItemTemplates that allow you head start in complex screen creation.

Telerik Xamarin Item Template in VS 2019

Of course, all the controls are available and ready to use in the Telerik UI for Xamarin Toolbox in your Visual Studio 2019.

Telerik UI for Xamarin controls in VS 2019 Toolbox

We have introduced a number of improvements to the rest of the Xamarin controls in the suite too:


  • AppointmentTapped and TimeSlotTapped events are not fired when one clicks on All-day appointment
  • Start and End Time is shown for all-day appointment in the default Scheduling screens
  • DaysOfMonth collection is cleared when changing the repeat rule
  • Fixed a wrong date shown when clicking on a recurring appointment
  • MultiDayView now respects the device settings for time format


  • Fixed an exception when values have decimal point and the CultureInfo is one which uses comma as decimal separator (e.g. Russian) on Android
  • Fixed incorrectly applied colors in PieChart with custom palette on Android


  • Entry is now shifted up correctly when software keyboard is used on iOS
  • Fixed an exception, thrown when ItemsSource is set to null


  • Fixed state not updated correctly when in ListView on iOS
  • Fixed transparent check rectangle when IsTransparent is set to false


  • Fixed a compilation error when using lite NuGet package
  • Fixed a problem with DataGrid nuget package, requiring an obsoleted dependency


  • Fixed NullReferenceException when WatermarkText is set to null


  • Fixed an exception thrown when setting BindingContext to null after navigating back from a page (Prism-style navigation) on iOS
  • ScrollIntoView now works correctly when control is in NavgationPage


  • Fixed an exception when two buttons are pressed at a time on UWP


  • Fixed cannot type in Entry when it is in a modal popup


  • Fixed inconsistently updated IsOpen property when an animation is interrupted


  • Fixed SelectedIndex incorrectly updated when swiping left in specific scenarios on iOS
  • Fixed SelectedIndex not updated on first time swipe on iOS
  • Fixed SlideView's ContentOptions overriding the LayoutOptions of the Views inside the control


  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when collapsing items

Share Your Feedback

Feel free to drop us a comment below sharing your thoughts. Or visit our Feedback portal for Telerik UI for Xamarin and let us know if you have any suggestions or if you need any particular features/controls.

And if you haven’t already had a chance to try the Xamarin UI toolkit, go straight to the product page to learn more and download a fresh trial

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In case you missed it, here are some of the updates from our last release.

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