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It’s 2015 already, and it’s time for the first major release of Telerik UI for iOS for this year. This release brings a lot of great new controls and functionality, doubling the number of controls in the suite. The new controls are ListView (Beta), SideDrawer and DataSource. Let’s dive into more details about each of them:

ListView (Beta)

ListView for iOS by Telerik

The Telerik ListView for iOS provides the most frequently used functionalities associated with a ListView scenario in one framework, eliminating the overhead of integrating multiple solutions from different authors. To make working with data easier for developers, the control works seamlessly with the Telerik DataSource control, which serves as a mediator between the raw data that needs to be displayed and the UI component. Here are the features at a glance:

  • Different layouts
    • Single column
    • Multiple columns
  • UI virtualization
  • Pull-to-refresh
  • Load-on-demand
  • Displaying data in groups
  • Items swipe behavior
  • Items reorder behavior
  • Item animations
  • Single/multiple selection on tap/hold
For more information, check the ListView product page. Feel free to provide your feedback about the Beta at our UI for iOS Feedback Portal.


SideDrawer for iOS by Telerik 
Telerik SideDrawer helps you add extra space to your application. It extends the popular slide-out design pattern which is mainly associated with navigational purposes. The control is highly customizable and allows developers to embed any type of content inside the sliding panel. The SideDrawer feature set includes:

  • Different transition modes:
    • Push
    • Reveal
    • Reverse slide out
    • Slide along
    • Slide in on top
    • Scale up
    • Fade in
    • Scale down pusher
  • Support for custom content
  • Section headers
  • Ability to appear from all four edges
For more information, check the SideDrawer product page.


DataSource for iOS by Telerik 
Telerik DataSource is a non-UI component that consumes raw data and processes the data operations for controls such as ListView and Chart. DataSource employs the common delegate pattern, but removes the burden of implementing different data protocols for the different controls. It supports:

  • Various data sources
    • Arrays of simple/business objects
    • Dictionaries
  • Grouping, sorting, filtering

Inline Events for Calendar

Inline events for Calendar for iOS by Telerik

As you know our Calendar for iOS provides indicates if there are events on a particular date. This indication comes in the form of colored dots following the established design of the Calendar app. The end user, however, may need to learn more information about the events, like title and time of occurrence. To make the process of showing this data easy, the Telerik Calendar now provides support for inline events. When you tap on a date cell that has associated events, an inline list of the events opens within the Calendar and shows the titles and the times of the events.

For more information about the rest of the enhancements, check the Release Notes.

How cool is all that? What’s also great about the suite is that we still support iOS7 and this will stay so until we notice a significant decrease in the iOS7 usage

Download Q1 2015 of UI for iOS from here. As always, your feedback is much appreciated.

Don’t miss the TelerikNEXT session, Telerik Native Mobile UI for iOS and Android, led by our Solutions Engineer Mehfuz Hossain who will tell you more about what great things you can achieve in your apps with Telerik UI for iOS and Telerik UI for Android.

Happy coding!

Download UI for iOS by Telerik

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