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To respond to the growing need of our .NET customers for building multiplatform mobile apps, Telerik DevCraft Ultimate suite now features two more products: Telerik UI for iOS and Telerik UI for Android. The upgraded bundle offers not only the most complete .NET toolbox but UI tools for building native, hybrid and web mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Universal. DevCraft suite speeds up mobile development for teams with various skill sets and projects requiring different approaches.

DevCraft Ultimate adds UI for iOS and UI for Android

Building Native Mobile Apps with DevCraft Using Native Approach

Telerik UI for iOS and Telerik UI for Android are native and customizable components for applications that require a native approach, and Objective-C/Swift and Java knowledge, respectively. Both toolsets fill gaps in the respective native frameworks, such as an advanced and polished Charting library. Another flagship component of the suite is the ListView control. It packs the most frequently used functionalities and behaviors associated with a ListView scenario all in one framework, saving developers time and effort to integrate multiple solutions from different authors. 

The two products at a $498 value are now part of DevCraft Ultimate suite, while the bundle price remains the same. It includes 17 products and the Ultimate support package, with phone and remote web assistance.

The other native UI suites part of DevCraft suite–Telerik UI for Windows Universal and Telerik UI for Windows Phone–are used by top publishers with apps leading their categories. Check out the Telerik UI for Windows Phone showcase gallery, featuring more than 300 customer apps

Building Native Mobile Apps with DevCraft Using C# and Cross-Platform Approach

Developers looking to build native mobile apps with C# and cover as many platforms as possible can use Telerik UI for Xamarin to speed up cross-platform development with the Xamarin framework. The controls offer many nontrivial scenarios out-of-the-box, helping developers to implement native and polished UI in their apps faster. Telerik UI for Xamarin includes Xamarin.iOS wrappers, Xamarin.Android wrappers and Xamarin.Forms controls. The C# wrappers are built on top of the native Telerik iOS and Android controls, providing all functionalities and benefits the native libraries offer.

The Xamarin.Forms platform allows users to quickly build shared screens for iOS, Android and Windows Phone through a familiar markup language. This API is the lowest common denominator between the various platforms’ APIs. Using the Xamarin.Forms platform together with Telerik Xamarin.Forms controls, developers can build apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone from a single shared C# code base.

If you are new to the Xamarin concept visit this page


Building Hybrid Mobile Apps and Responsive Web Apps with DevCraft Using HTML/JS

If you prefer to code in HTML/JS, DevCraft Ultimate suite also includes Telerik Kendo UI Professional framework–the most complete set of UI widgets for building responsive web and mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript. Kendo UI  framework offers more than 70 jQuery-based widgets, AngularJS integration, Bootstrap support, mobile controls and an offline data solution.

By covering all approaches to building mobile and .NET applications, DevCraft Ultimate suite is the go-to bundle for your development needs.

All active holders of a DevCraft Ultimate license get access to the new products added to the bundle and can download them from their accounts or the Telerik Control Panel. If you’re interested in your upgrade options, check out his page and do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

For more information about the bundle, go to the Telerik DevCraft page.


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