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    Easy Ways to Upload and Validate Large Files in ASP.NET

    This blog post intends to provide information on the RadAsyncUpload ChunkUpload functionality as well as some techniques for file type and size validation using the standard ASP.NET FileUpload control or custom JavaScript code. Here you may find very useful information about the different modules used by Telerik ASP.NET AJAX RadAsyncUpload for validating and uploading files.
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    Changes in RadInput in Q2 2012 version of RadControls

    As you already know we have introduced new rendering model for RadInput in Q3 2011. It was later set as default mode in Q1 2012. The initial idea behind this change was to remove 2 of the input elements from the output HTML of the control and use a span that to overlay the visible one in order to show the formatted value. With this approach we really have fewer elements on the page and in the same time we could show, validate and submit different values. We also removed the table in order to provide better styling potential and boost...
    June 22, 2012

    RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and validation

    Our good friend Peter Blum recently announced official support for our upcoming RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX (aka "Prometheus"). All customers that are using his Data Entry Suite will be able to integrate validation into the Telerik controls almost invisibly and without much pain and effort.    For those of you that are not familiar with Peter Blum, he is an ASP Insider and the author of the BEST set of validation controls on the market. I don't have any reservations to recommend his products as they are well done, very stable and very well documented.   
    March 07, 2008