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We’re constantly updating our reporting solution—based on your feedback. This release makes generating .NET reports for any platform easier than ever.

Telerik Reporting continues to advance rapidly, adding a variety of new features in the first release for 2017. Following the feedback of our customers, and resulting from our constant efforts to outperform our already leading position in terms of complete feature set in the reporting market, we put the focus on the following: 

Table of Contents in Report Book

We’ve improved the auto-generated table of contents to support a book of reports and ensure flexible actions. This allows easy orientation and navigation inside the report book for the end-user, both when previewing the book in a viewer control and in the exported document.


We further evolved the end-user experience while previewing reports, extending the interactive capabilities of the report viewer controls. Now all the report items and graph or map data points can display tooltips with additional information in a report viewer's native rendering technology.

ReportBook Design Support  

Very good news for power and business users—now you can very easily and quite independently create combined and comprehensive reports without any coding knowledge. The updated ReportBook supports report sources and enables report books authoring within the Standalone Report Designer.

Advanced PageNumber and PageCount Based on Expressions

Flexible page section content is easy with new built-in PageNumber and PageCount functions. You can set your own criteria and make specific numberings for each Item, Group or Section. It is even possible to reset a single criteria-based page numbering, while keeping the rest of the created numberings intact.

Collapsible Page Sections

Now you can fit your report content on fewer pages and avoid any gaps within it. The paging flexibility was improved by changing the behavior of the hidden page sections. In this way, their space will be accommodated by the rest of the report content.

User-friendly Report Server Support in Viewers ReportSource Editor

Showing server reports in a report viewer gets a lot easier, thanks to the provided design-time support for configuring a report source that connects to a Telerik Report Server instance.

Smashed Bugs

All those new features didn’t distract us from our goal to seek and destroy important bugs. For information on the casualties check out the release notes.

If you are interested in the .NET Core Engine Configuration, you'll be able to learn more information in this post

2017 and Beyond

We have many new and exciting developments planned for Telerik Reporting in 2017, as Reporting celebrates 10 amazing years of innovative leadership in the marketplace. The feedback we receive from our customers continues to inspire us to push the bar for excellence higher. Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming. 

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Petar Raykov is a Software Developer in the Telerik Reporting division. He has been working on Telerik products since 2010. Off work he enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends and reading.

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