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Release History

Telerik Reporting R1 2017 (version

January 17, 2017


  • All report viewers provide support for displaying tooltips in a report viewer's native rendering technology.

Visual Studio 2017 Support

  • We now experimentally support Visual Studio 2017, making sure your development experience will remain great when designing reports using the upcoming Microsoft IDE.

Report Book Design Support

  • The updated ReportBook supports report sources and enables authoring within the Standalone Report Designer.

Advanced PageNumber and PageCount based on expressions

  • We introduced advanced built-in PageNumber and PageCount functions allowing to reset the page number and count on any page based on the data. This allows for flexible page section content like separate page numbering for each group/item/section occurrence, "continues on next page" logic, simultaneous overall report book numbering and specific numbering inside each of its reports.

Table of Contents in Report Book

  • All reports included in a Report Book can merge their Table of Contents sections into a single one that will be shown before or after the Report Book content.

Office2016 theme for WPF Report Viewer

  • The WPF report viewer diversity of available themes have expanded with two new entries: Office2016 and Office2016Touch.

Collapsible Page Sections

  • The empty space will be reclaimed from the main report content when page section is conditionally hidden.

User-friendly Report Server support for viewers and item templates

  • The report viewers can connect to a report server instance in design time and obtain a list of available reports to choose from. The same applies when setting up a new report viewer using item templates.

API Changes: ReportBook

  • The property Telerik.Reporting.ReportBook.Reports is now obsolete. Please use Telerik.Reporting.ReportBook.ReportSources property instead.
  • The property Telerik.Reporting.ReportBook.ReportParameters is now obsolete. Please use Telerik.Reporting.ReportBook.Parameters property instead.
  • The property Telerik.Reporting.ReportBook.PageSettings is now obsolete. Please use Telerik.Reporting.Report.PageSettings property instead.

API Changes: IReportDocument

  • The property Telerik.Reporting.IReportDocument.Reports is now obsolete. Please use Telerik.Reporting.IReportDocument.ReportSources property instead.
  • The property Telerik.Reporting.IReportDocument.ReportParameters is now obsolete. Please use Telerik.Reporting.IReportDocument.Parameters property instead.
  • The property Telerik.Reporting.IReportDocument.PageSettings is now obsolete. Please use Telerik.Reporting.Report.PageSettings property instead.

Page Sections Behavior

  • When hidden, a page section (both PageHeader and PageFooter) will no longer reserve their space. Instead, their space gets collapsed, so that it gets used by the rest of the report content.


  • Connection string textbox is hidden in the Configure SQL DataSource dialog for higher DPI
  • Graph/Map/TocSection design-time styles are not updated when global styles or parent item styles are applied
  • TocItem and TocTitle types appear in the TypeSelector Collection Editor

Standalone Report Designer

  • Style.Font.Name property default value is serialized in the report definition

Visual Studio Designer

  • Graph Series' DataPointLabel and LegendItem.Value properties are not stored in RESX files
  • ItemTemplate wizard contains unnecessary "Embedded" option when adding a new item to a web application

Sql Data Source

  • Wizard force closes due to IVsDataProviderManager error


  • Graph item's Data point labels are not rendered for zero values
  • Style property value is not overridden correctly from a global style when coinciding with the default property value

Image Rendering

  • Graph axis labels are clipped in Windows 8 or later
  • HTML ordered list is not rendered correctly in Image format

HTML5 Report Viewer

  • An error occurs when the viewer is reloaded for a second time on the same page
  • Document map nodes without any children appear with expand/collapse toggles.
  • Report viewer's pages area incorrectly retains its scroll position although a new report/page is loaded
  • Telerik Kendo UI sprite is not loaded when loading the local CSS template files of the viewer
  • Viewer cannot be refreshed after viewer's client session has expired

Windows Forms Report Viewer

  • RefreshReport cancels rendering thread too late
  • Rendering ReportBook fails when using TypeReportSource with REST service engine

WPF Report Viewer

  • RefreshReport cancels rendering thread too late
  • Rendering ReportBook fails when using TypeReportSource with REST service engine
  • The ZoomMode and ZoomPercent properties do not update

Product Dependencies

Telerik Reporting
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4

- Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient ( or later)

HTML5 Report Viewer
- Telerik Kendo UI (2013.2.918 or later) - jQuery (1.9.1 or later)

ASP.NET WebAPI REST Report Service
- Microsoft ASP.NET Web API (4.0.20710.0 or later) - Newtonsoft.Json ( or later)

ServiceStack REST Report Service
- ServiceStack (

ASP.NET MVC Extension of the HTML5 Report Viewer
- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework (4.0.20710.0 or later)

WPF Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2017.1.117.40)

Silverlight Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for Silverlight (2017.1.117.1050)

Database cache ICache implementation
- Telerik Data Access ORM (2015.1.220.1)

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