The Q2 2010 release introduces a brand new RadReminder component. Its purpose is to enable users to track different objects and their events. The architecture is pretty simple and intuitive and allows any IRemindObject implementation to be monitored by a RadReminder instance. The component comes with a built-in dialog that displays all the currently tracked objects in a grid and enables you to visually snooze or dismiss an item. The dialog is completely customizable and localizable and gives you the ability to modify each object’s display text and icon.

Built-in reminder dialog
Built-in reminder dialog

Dialog’s display routine raises several events, allowing you to cancel the event or even replace the default alarm form:

Custom reminder form
The built-in dialog is replaced with a completely custom Form

Since the object model is completely detached from any specific control, we are also introducing a RadSchedulerReminder component which is actually an extended RadReminder that may be attached to a RadScheduler instance. This scheduler-specific implementation checks all appointments and notifies you about upcoming events. Associated together with a RadDesktopAlert (another new component in Q2 2010), RadSchedulerReminder allows you to create Microsoft Outlook-like interfaces in several easy steps.

We hope you will enjoy this new component. Do not hesitate to write us back about any bugs you have found or any feature request you may have - your feedback is highly appreciated.

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