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Besides inheriting all performance improvements coming from RadDataBoundListBox RadJumpList further extends its functionality in our latest Mango Build with Sticky Header support. A sticky header is nothing more but a group header that is statically positioned at the top edge of RadJumpList’s viewport displaying the currently focused data group –just like in the revamped phonebook in Windows Phone Mango.

This new functionality brings some small API extensions. There are now two new properties exposed by RadJumpList:

  • IsStickyHeaderEnabled
  • StickyHeaderTemplate

The IsStickyHeaderEnabled property determines whether a sticky header is shown or not. This property is set to false by default.

The StickyHeaderTemplate property can be used to specify a custom data template for the sticky header. By default the template used for the sticky header is the same template used for a data group header.

The screenshot below demonstrates RadJumpList displaying a sticky header. You can find this example in our Demos App available on the WP7 Markeplace:


You can try out this new functionality by downloading the Mango release of RadControls for Windows Phone here:

Deyan Ginev
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Deyan Ginev

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