Hello everyone, my name is Kiril Matev and I'm a software developer for the Windows Forms team at Telerik. We're all pretty excited about the newly reengineered RadGridView, which is a part of our Q1 2008 release, and I’d like to highlight a couple of features you might find useful.

So far, you had to always construct a data source, initialize its columns, and rows, and then bind it to the RadGridView. However, many simpler scenarios demand just adding, editing and removing rows using the API directly. This so-called unbound mode for the RadGridView has long been a must-have feature for many of our customers.

We had the opportunity to provide it, together with grouping in unbound mode in our latest release. You can add columns, and then rows directly like this:

 GridViewDataColumn dataCol1 = new GridViewDataColumn(); 
 GridViewDataColumn dataCol2 = new GridViewDataColumn(); 
 GridViewCommandColumn commandClm = new GridViewCommandColumn(); 
 for(int i=0; i < 100; ++i) 
     this.radGridView1.Rows.Add(new object[] {"a", i.ToString(), "Details" }); 

We're pretty glad about that, because this allows customers to benefit from the powerful capabilities of the component in scenarios, where binding is not needed.

Another very useful feature is saving and loading the layout of the RadGridView from a file. Imagine the following scenario - you have customized the layout of the RadGridView - changed column widths, pinned, or hidden columns.

This feature is very straightforward to use. It is controlled by two methods, LoadLayout, and SaveLayout, which take the file names to be used as input or output, as shown below:


It helps your users to customize and use their own settings of the RadGridView, thus increasing usability, and ultimately the value of the service you have provided. These two additional features make us excited because we give you the tools to deliver more than expected.  And we’re always happy to have been a part of your success.

About the Author

Nikolay Diyanov

Diyanov is the Product Manager of the Native Mobile UI division at Progress. Delivering outstanding solutions that make developers' lives easier is his passion and the biggest reward in his work. In his spare time, Nikolay enjoys travelling around the world, hiking, sun-bathing and kite-surfing.

Find him on Twitter @n_diyanov or on LinkedIn.


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