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RadControls for Windows Phone 7 Q2 2011 Beta 1 is already at the doorstep which means that you will be able to have a hands-on experience with everything we have been working on lately. A significant piece of the cake are the new data virtualization capabilities that RadDataBoundListBox adds to its repertoir. We have already announced some of the bits in an earlier blog post and now it is time to reveal the bigger picture of what you will be able to do with this control after the new release. So, we will be adding two more virtualization modes that will provide the same data virtualization functionality as seen in the Facebook app and the Windows Phone 7 Martkeplace browser:

  • OnDemandManual
  • OnDemandAutomatic

The OnDemandManual mode simply adds a specialized container item at the end of the scrollable list which, when tapped, fires a new DataRequested event exposed by the RadDataBoundListBox control. This event informs you that the end-user requests more data and what you simply need to do is download and add the data to your items source:

The OnDemandAutomatic mode is what you observe while browsing the WP7 Marketplace, i.e. a progress indicator is displayed at the end of the scrollable list. When this indicator is reached by scrolling, data items are automatically appended. Again, we made the implementation of this magic very simple. You only need to handle the DataRequested event which is fired each time RadDataBoundListBox decides that the end of the scrollable list is near and more data is needed:


So stay tuned for further info around RadControls for Windows Phone 7 Beta 1 and once the release is available: take a look at the new stuff and share your thoughts. We will be happy to hear from you!

Deyan Ginev
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