We are excited to announce the availability of Q2 2011 – yet another great release full of new controls, improvements and…pleasant surprises. This time the surprise is big! Yes, that’s right, the title of this article does not lie, we are more than happy to introduce RadRichTextBox for WinForms. It comes on top of what we have scheduled for Q2 2011 and we hope that it will fit nicely in your applications. Currently, RadRichTextBox for WinForms is in Beta stage and supports the following features:

  • Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike-through
  • Built-in fonts and font sizes
  • Text color and background
  • Bullet and numbered lists
  • Paragraph alignment and indentation
  • Show/Hide formatting symbols
  • Clear Formatting
  • Support for inline images
  • Line breaks, Page breaks
  • Customizable page sizes and margins and paragraph indents
  • Load DOCX, XAML, HTML, RTF, TXT documents
  • Save documents as PDF, DOCX, XAML, HTML, RTF, TXT
  • Spell checker

Rad RichTextBox for Windows Forms


Among the other great innovations are RadPropertyGrid and RadListView for WinForms.

The Telerik Property Grid for Windows Forms displays the properties of a given object in a user-friendly way allowing the end-user to edit these properties. Features at a glance:

  • Search and filter with the built-in searching capabilities
  • Group and sort properties
  • Validate and reset property values
  • Add custom items, editors, elements and properties
  • Hide properties
  • Context menu
  • Style properties, which need to stand out
  • Add a custom toolbar and/or actions for sorting, filtering, and grouping
  • Resizable help bar with the property description at the bottom
  • Theme support

Rad PropertyGrid for Windows Forms


RadListView gives your users slick and modern lists, kinetic scrolling, and hot tracking. Features at a glance:

  • Kinetic scrolling and hot tracking support (ready for touch-screen and Windows 8 applications)
  • Sorting, filtering, grouping, and editing support
  • Data binding (bound, unbound mode)
  • Predefined configurable views and layouts (ListView, IconView, DetailView)
  • Theme support

Rad RichTextBox for Windows Forms


Our existing controls got serious improvements as well.

RadGridView for WinForms is now supported by RadExpressionEditor that allows the end user to build complex expressions based on the columns data using one of the predefined functions that RadExpressionEditor has to offer. In case the huge number of the available functions does not satisfy your requirements, no problem, you are able to define and add your own custom functions.

Rad RichTextBox for Windows Forms

RadMaskedEditBox was equipped with several new cool masks. The awaited IP, E-mail and Regex masks are here! In addition, we have improved the design-time support and the usability in many of the existing masks.

We have always been dressing our components according to the latest fashion trends. This time is no different. One more theme made it into the suite – Telerik Metro. It follows the Metro trends established by Windows Phone 7.

Metro style for Rad RibbonBar for Windows Forms

See What’s New in Q2 2011 for a more details about  the new goodies that we have prepared for you.

You can find the release installments under your Telerik accounts using the following links:

Trial Download | Paid DownloadRelease NotesDemosDocumentation


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