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This is our sixth release already and we are very excited about it since it brings some really great stuff on the table, including a very important effort that elevates our suite to an entirely new level. Because details are what matters, I am starting right now with what’s new in the Q2 2012 box:

  • Metro Design Templates for building great Windows Phone applications. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: a really thick stack of ready-to-use page templates that provide implementation for common scenarios and are compatible with the Metro Design Guidelines. Powered by a fully integrated Visual Studio Wizard, the Metro Design Templates can easily be plugged in your project and simplify the development process by providing you with reusable infrastructure.  You can find out more about them here.
  • Conversation View control  that gives a “social” flavor  to your app. Forum threads, group chats, SMS apps and so many more scenarios can be covered with this component which comes with predefined styles for displaying messages and easy-to-use API for building complex conversation hierarchies.
  • Text Box. This is our approach to a text box control with some additional features such as watermark support, input validation and two action buttons. Descending from the native Text Box, our new control has the already familiar API so its integration into any Windows Phone app is based on the search-and-replace approach.
  • Image Button. A simple button with some really cool features like Shape support (Rectangle and Ellipse), and two behavior modes – Toggle and Normal. It also comes with a couple of predefined styles that implement two scenarios: Search button and Clear button.



This is not everything, of course. In addition, we are introducing several new features in RadDataBoundListBox, RadAutoCompleteBox, RadSlideView and RadListPicker:

  • RadDataBoundListBox is extended with support for reordering items and refreshing the displayed data by using the well-known Pull-to-Refresh approach
  • RadAutoCompleteBox has been upgraded to allow you to use Web Services as a suggestions source. It also supports item highlighting which is a feature that allows you to highlight the string matches in the available suggestions based on the user input
  • RadSlideView has also been extended with support for pull-to-refresh. A nice example with source code is available in our Telerik Demos application
  • RadListPicker receives major revamp and introduces the long-awaited support for multiple selection



Eager to get your hands on all the new stuff? Download the fresh Q2 2012 release and start experimenting with it.

Also don't forget to sign up for all What's New webinars coming with the release here!

Deyan Ginev
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Deyan Ginev

Deyan has been with Telerik for more than ​six years working on several different products with main focus on mobile technologies. Deyan is currently working on NativeScript– a platform for developing native mobile apps with JavaScript. Find him on Twitter via

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