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Mid March is coming and there are a lot of good news for our Silverlight controls to be shared with all of you – the 2009 Q1 release is near. Along with the official version of RadGridView, RadDockingRadEditor CTP and a bunch of new features and improvements, RadChart for Silverlight is also coming into play. With the 2009 Q1 release we'll introduce 2D charts for Silverlight that share the same appearance and behavior as their counterparts in WPF. This is due to the fact that both of the suites share common codebase and API. I’m sure the next question will be about 3D charts for Silverlight. Yes they are in our schedule and since our own 3D engine is in its late phase of development I bet for Q2 we’ll pleasantly surprise everyone.
Maybe I should quit the talking (otherwise I’ll proceed with explanations of the tons of work done, the true dedication of the whole charting team, the happiness and satisfaction with the (final) result) and start showing some bits of what is coming in a week or so.
Let me show you some of the highlights. First let’s have a look at a multiple chart area with allowed tooltips:

Then the high customization abilities:

Well, I’ll leave some of the details for the official release when you will be able to check all 2D charts for Silverlight yourselves. With the upcoming release we’ll also show the new series type Range, the animation enhancements and all the other features and chart types. Stay tuned.

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