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It’s an absolute pleasure to share some bit of good news with all our customers and fans. One of our secret Telerik Labs projects is shaping up pretty well.

As the title suggests, its a homebrew Silverlight 2 3D engine with perspective and lightning (more features are in the works). Since the movie Pink Panther 2 is coming out soon we decided it will be cool to show off the technology with our own 3D Silverlight pink panther. Enter the panther!


(Click the picture to start the demo)

While this is only a pink panther you can probably imagine the slick products this technology can translate to. I am not at liberty to spit it out, but you can expect some seriously cool Silverlight stuff to come out from Telerik. Actually I can do better than that – the first person to nail in the product that will make use of the engine will win a Telerik t-shirt! If you are late don’t despair - particularly good ideas will also net you a shirt!

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Vladimir Milev

Vladimir Milev is a developer manager.


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