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The Q2 2011 SP1 release is already out and it includes many improvements and fixes for the existing controls promised to our customers, however, it also includes a brand new component that is in the beta stage - RadBulletGraph.

The bullet graph is a component for data visualization that succinctly and accurately visualizes a comparison between different data in a quantitative and qualitative manner. A full specification of the bullet graph component can be found here.

The great thing about the bullet graph is that it takes the linear subset of the gauges and uses it so that the information is visualized clearly and concisely without any distractions. A minimalistic bullet graph consists of a quantitative scale, two or more qualitative ranges that determine which parts of the scale are good, which are bad, which are acceptable and even more qualities that can be arbitrary, the user is free to specify them. It also includes a featured measure that represents the main data we want to visualize and finally, a comparative measure to which we can easily compare the main data. Here is a screenshot of the minimal bullet graph which shows each part:

Usage of RadBulletGraph is really straightforward. Here Is the XAML declaration of the bullet graph in the screenshot above:

<telerikDataVisualization:RadBulletGraph FeaturedMeasure="70"


                <telerikDataVisualization:BarIndicatorSegment Stroke="Gray"
                <telerikDataVisualization:BarIndicatorSegment Stroke="LightGray"
                <telerikDataVisualization:BarIndicatorSegment Stroke="White"

For more detailed information about RadBulletGraph and all of its features head on over to our

online documentation or ask us in the forums, we’ll be happy to hear your feedback and to answer your questions. Also be sure to check out our examples application, it has examples of how to use RadBulletGraph’s API to achieve your data visualization requirements.

Happy data visualizing. :)

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