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We had a blast sharing the latest on Kendo UI for Angular 2, NativeScript and Angular 2 with you at Angular Connect 2016. While there we recorded live interviews for you to enjoy.

We set Todd Motto loose with a camera crew and microphone during the Angular Connect 2016 event to conduct some informal attendee interviews. Since we figured you probably wouldn’t enjoy wading through hours of raw, unedited footage, we’ve compiled the interviews into a series of videos for you. Todd had a great time conducting the interviews and we think you’ll enjoy the answers he got from people—a huge thanks to everyone who participated. 

Enough from me though. Here is Todd’s take on how things went:

AngularConnect was incredible, and whilst we were there I had the fantastic opportunity to talk with attendees, speakers and the Angular core team—on camera! Thanks to my sporty red trainers to keep me going, I was able to complete lots of interviews with some superstar attendees, incredible speakers and some of the amazing team working at Google on the Angular project. The excitement around Angular 2 is real—watch the videos to hear more!

The interviews were a mix of informal and formal—aiming to get a diverse set of natural responses, some serious and some just for fun. Questions ranged from their favourite Angular 2 feature, CoffeeScript, what they’re most excited about, how famous they are (on a scale of zero to Beyoncé) and things we should watch out for that’s coming in Angular 2’s future."

Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to share them with your friends!

Misko Hevery—Creator of Angular, core team at Google

Todd Motto talks with Misko Hevery during Angular Connect 2016 about ahead of time compilation, Angular 2 templates, the lack of free time, a medical career that will never be, fame and more.

Tracy Lee—Modern Web

Todd Motto sits down for a short chat with Tracy Lee List during Angular Connect 2016 about lousy British accents, messing with Todd's perfectly quaffed hair, the Angular 2 forms and routing API, fame, Snapchat and more. Check it out, its fun! 

Olivier Combe—Front-end engineer at Holimetrix

Todd Motto talks with Olivier Combe during Angular Connect 2016 about i18n, not being recognized by Beyoncé and an awkward sleep deprivation story moment.

Shmuela Jacobs—500Tech

Todd Motto is entertained during his chat with Shmuela Jacobs during Angular Connect 2016. Topics include Angular 2's change detection feature, the new Angular 2 forms module, dogs with hearing issues, conference induced sleep deprivation, and a special bonus: a wonderful rendition of All That Jazz! You have to see this!

Bill Odom—Developer, consultant, and trainer at Angular Boot Camp & Aaron Frost—Principal software engineer at Domo, Inc.

Todd Motto talks with Bill Odom & Aaron Frost during Angular Connect 2016 about their excitement for Angular 2, losing fame, tending bar, catching fish, speaking the truth in meetings and more.

Sherry List—Senior front-end developer, GAN Integrity

Todd Motto sits down for a chat with Sherry List during Angular Connect 2016 about being a ballerina, rock climbing, the Angular 2 CLI, Italian & British accents, enjoying tea & crumpets and more!

Jeff Whelpley—CTO at

Todd Motto talks with Jeff Whelpley during Angular Connect 2016 about being recognized in the Angular community, the importantance of sharing with community, Angular Universal, a possible a career as a local news anchor and more.

Lukas Ruebbelke—Owner of OneHungryMind

Todd Motto talks with Lukas Ruebbelke during Angular Connect 2016 about style encapsulation, upcoming Angular 2 features, meeting Todd, giving up the dream of being a self-made billionaire and more.

Lynn McNeil—Angular Boot Camp

Todd Motto talks with Lynn McNeil during Angular Connect 2016 about her perspective on the AngularConnect conference, the lack of free time problem we all seem to share, the joys of painting and more.

Kirils Kirjai Ladov—Software engineer at FlyPay

Todd Motto talks with Kirils Kirjai Ladov during Angular Connect 2016 about English vs Australian accents, how CoffeeScript is the future, music, reviving the age old debate, which is worse, going without sleep or food and more.

Dominic Elm—Front-end engineer at Neusta Software Development

Todd Motto talks with Dominic Elm during Angular Connect 2016 about the merits of CoffeeScript vs TypeScript, why route build #300 of the 472 route builds was the best, how the router and the forms are his favorite features of Angular 2 and more.

Ben Lesh—RxJS 5 lead, software engineer at Netflix & Aysegul Yonet—Software developer at AutoDesk

Todd Motto talks with Ben Lesh & Aysegul Yonet during Angular Connect 2016 about copy & pasting code compliments, ahead of time compilation, the return of ActionScript, being creative and more.

Danny Callaghan—Head of Engineering at tillr

Todd Motto talks with Danny Callaghan during Angular Connect 2016 about the compiler, CoffeeScript, fame, the Angular team's great work during the last 12 months, the upgrade process and more.

Amanda Cavallaro—Software developer at Resolver

Todd Motto talks with Amanda Cavallaro during Angular Connect 2016 about 4 days with no sleep, Angular 2 security, her prior life as a teacher and more.

Chris Noring—Google Developer Expert, organizer of London JavaScript

Todd Motto talks with Chris Noring during Angular Connect 2016 about Electron, CoffeeScript & Angular 3, his appreciation for the component, routers, his culinary skills and more.

Almero Steyn—Software engineer at QDelft

Todd Motto talks to Almero Steyn during Angular Connect 2016 about Angular 2 animations, CoffeeScript vs TypeScript, routers, compliments, accents and more.

That's a Wrap Everybody!

Again, we'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who participated. Nicely done Todd. Nicely done.

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Jim Duffy

Jim Duffy is an educator at heart. In his role as Product Marketing Manager for Kendo UI, his objective is to educate new and existing customers about Kendo UI for jQuery and Kendo UI for Angular 2. Prior to joining Progress, Jim founded a company focused on educating developers and building enterprise solutions. Microsoft has named him as a Regional Director (RD) since 2008 and an 11-time Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) for his community contributions. Jim has also been published in a number of leading publications, including CODE Magazine.

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