We are only few days away from our big Q2 2010 release and the energy and excitement is already building around the huge improvements in this release. Our products are being wrapped up with final touches, getting ready to pop in your Client Accounts. So is our ASP.NET MVC Extensions suite, growing with the next load of 5 UI Extensions, major Grid enhancements and Visual Studio Extensions Package.

A major highlight will be the introduction of HTML Editor for ASP.NET MVC. The Editor will be released in Beta, designed to provide the core HTML rendering engine and the basic text formatting functionality, hyperlinks, bullets, etc. We've been investing a lot of energy in building a super light Editor offering same HTML output across all major browsers for this initial release. The final release will come with our Service Pack at the end of the summer. Meanwhile Telerik will be actively collecting your feedback and striving to build the best MVC Editor you need.

 The other Extensions that will debut in our MVC package are the Window, featuring various built-in behaviors—animations, maximize/restore, resize, refresh and drag capabilities—and the ComboBox suite. The ComboBox will actually encompass three Extensions–AutoComplete, DropDownList and ComboBox. You can choose between the three depending on your application scenario.

The Grid will be enhanced with the much-anticipated hierarchy allowing you to build unlimited levels of hierarchical structure based on parent/child relation settings. In addition, the Grid editing will be enhanced with auto-generated, custom and popup edit forms.

Q2 will not only come with a bunch of new Extensions and features, but also with Visual Studio Extensions to help you get started with your MVC applications. You will be able to automatically create and configure your MVC projects in seconds, eliminating the need to set manually any assembly references, handler/module definitions, etc.

Make sure you register for the “What’s New in Telerik Extensions for MVC” webinar. Just like with previous releases, we kept the tradition and organized a 5-day “Release Webinar Week”. During the week after the release you’ll have the chance to learn all the major new features that ship with the Q2 release. Telerik Ultimate Collection licenses (worth $1999) will be raffled at each webcast.

Mon, Jul 19, 11 am EST: What’s New in RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and Extensions for MVC
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