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  • Productivity Document Processing

    SpreadProcessing - Complete Solution to Create, Modify and Export Spreadsheets - Part I

    This blog post is part of a series demonstrating the full power of RadSpreadProcessing as a complete spreadsheet solution. Part 1 focuses on how to create a workbook, fill it with data and use the powerful spreadsheet formulas calculation engine.
    September 09, 2014
  • Productivity Document Processing

    Programmatic export to PDF from Silverlight application

    Ever wanted to export a Telerik report from a Silverlight application? This is easily accomplished by instantiating the ReportServiceClient class, which plays the role of proxy to the Telerik Report Service. To specify that you want to render the report we use the RenderAsync method of the ReportServiceClient, which invokes the respective method on the server (remember that it serves as proxy) that would return the rendered report. Since we’ve used an asynchronous method and we do not know when the render would finish, we need to handle the RenderCompleted event. In the RenderCompleted event we get the result from the rendering and decide what to...
    February 03, 2010
  • Productivity Document Processing

    Exporting data to Excel using the RadGridView for WinForms

         There usually comes a time for most developers when they need to use the data being displayed in an application, outside of that application.  There are obviously a number of ways you can present data, but it is common to leverage Microsoft Excel.  It provides a similar look and feel to the grid which means minimal reformatting, plus Excel is widely used and therefore most offices should have a version of the software available.       How to get your data into Excel?  The RadGridView offers a couple of options to accomplish this task.  First, you can use the Primary...
    January 27, 2009