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In our latest release, Telerik UI for Xamarin gains new Windows Universal and NuGet support, helping you save time and develop faster.

During the last few months we’ve been busy enhancing your getting started experience with our UI for Xamarin product, as well as enabling the desired UI functionality on more mobile platforms. Here is what’s new in R2 2016.

Windows Universal Support for Our Xamarin Forms ListView

For the last six months our Xamarin Forms ListView control has enabled people to develop great apps on both iOS and Android. As such a common and popular control though, we couldn't leave it for long without support for the Windows Universal (Windows 8.1) platform.

With our second major release of the year, it's here—our Xamarin Forms ListView now enables you to develop the same cross-platform app on all three popular platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Universal. We'll enable UWP (Windows 10) support as well, after the Xamarin solution officially announces their own UWP support.

UI for Xamarin Listview by Telerik

As we continue to increase these efforts, Windows Universal support for the Xamarin Forms DataForm is coming up next.

NuGet Support

Getting the UI for Xamarin bits from our site once is ok. But as you need them on more machines or you need updates, going to the site to download the updated package could be a little inconvenient. In the last few years package managers like NuGet, CocoaPods and NPM have become popular, as they make updating your favorite package breeze. For Xamarin, the package manager is now NuGet, and with our NuGet support you can easily get the latest bits from within your favourite Xamarin IDE—Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio—using your Telerik credentials.

You just need this NuGet server address: Stay tuned for more on this, as more information on the NuGet usage will follow in a dedicated blog article.

Telerik UI for Xamarin NuGet support main image

Project Wizard

The Telerik Project Wizard for Xamarin will allow you to easily set up projects with the right OS and API versions.

Telerik UI for Xamarin Project Wizard Main Image

Dropping iOS 7 support

Unlike in the Android world, which is much more fragmented, iOS consumers tend to upgrade to the latest and greatest iOS version far more quickly. One can easily check the loyalty trend by looking at the AppStore numbers, which show that only about 5% of all users still use iOS 7 or below. Considering this stat and in an effort to make our product even greater by using the latest iOS APIs, we are dropping support for iOS 7, while continuing to support versions iOS 8+.

For more information, you can find the complete list of the UI for Xamarin R2 2016 Release Notes here.

We'd love to hear your feedback, either below in the comments or in our feedback portal. If you have not tried Telerik UI for Xamarin yet, get a free trial now!

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