This week the latest version of the RadControls for WinForms were released by Telerik.  This release features some important changes that you will want to check out.  The release notes provide a full list of all the changes, but I wanted to point out some key features.


While this is not a functional change it is very important to note that this release changes how versioning is handled.  In the past, assemblies were version based (v8.2.0.0). Beginning with the Q1 2009 release, you will notice that assemblies will be release based (v2009.1) and will include the release date as well (v2009.1.Y.Mdd).  This should help you immediately identify resources in the future and relate them to the corresponding Telerik release.

NEW RadGroupBox

This release features a brand new control called the RadGroupBox.  RadGroupBox features bring you everything you expect from the standard GroupBox and more.  With support for Telerik themes, header positioning, header alignment and text-to-image relations (images in header and footer) the RadGroupBox is a great addition to the suite.


The RadRibbonBar will deliver improved performance, enhanced design time experience and API Improvements.  Did I mentioned that with this release it gets closer to supporting all the Microsoft Office 2007 UI Guidelines?

IMPROVED RadScheduler

The RadScheduler features a number of improvements like the new MultiDayView which allows you to show consecutive or non-consecutive days.  You will also see data binding enhancements, iCal support and current date highlighting.

OPTIMIZED Memory Management

In the continuous effort to make Telerik controls deliver the best performance and memory management, the Q1 2009 brings memory disposal front and center.  With numerous fixes in the Telerik Presentation Framework (TPF) you will see improved memory disposal across all controls. 

If you want to check out the latest release, it is now available for download.  I also discussed several of the features of the Q1 2009 release during a webinar this week, which is expected to be available on Telerik TV very soon.


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