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Fiddler Everywhere 2.0 is here and it comes with UI enhancements and new, more powerful features! Plus take a sneak peek of what else we are preparing to introduce next in Fiddler Everywhere in 2021.

It’s true! Fiddler Everywhere 2.0 is here! This feature-packed release includes new UI enhancements and robust features. The 2.0 release is aimed at delivering you a debugging process that is straightforward and precisely built for today’s challenges.

The Fiddler Everywhere 2.0 release debuts new UI theming options, an Overview Inspector and—likely to be the star for many of this release—the new and improved Rule Builder, previously known as Auto Responder. To complement these new features, you can expect HTTP2 support later in the year, and you can imagine the possibilities with that kind of power in your toolbox.

The Fiddler team has accelerated release plans in the coming year, and you can take a sneak peek at what else is coming your way and start realizing the substantial impact of the work we are doing behind the scenes.

The New Features Inside Fiddler Everywhere 2.0

New Fiddler Everywhere Dark Theme Support

The long-anticipated Dark Theme Support is now available in Fiddler Everywhere. The product now comes with four flavors of UI theming in which you can style your Fiddler Everywhere application, choosing between Default Light, Default Dark, Light Blue or Dark Blue. Head over to the setting gear at the top right corner and go to the Theme window to select your preferred theme to work with.

Cycling through the different Themes: Default Light, Default Dark, Light Blue and Dark Blue

New Fiddler Everywhere Rule Builder

We are introducing an all-new and revamped Rule Builder, formerly known as the Auto Responder. Based on your feedback, we have extended and added more functionality to save you time and offer you more out-of-the-box ways to build your own rules.

The Rule Builder aims to provide easier matching and modification of sessions both on the Live Traffic capturing and all Saved and Shared sessions. Your Rules will be created based on what you specify as certain conditions to Match and what Action you select to be executed.

In this release, the Rules option is shared across all tabs. Once inside Fiddler Everywhere, you are presented with a visual presentation (toggle) to show if a rule is enabled or not. In addition, each rule, regardless of whether you are in Live Traffic or in saved session context, has a “play” button. By clicking play, you execute the specific rule on all the sessions in the current tab.

Match conditions can be applied to Protocol, Host, Path, URL, Request and Response Body and Headers, and more. Check out this documentation article to see the complete list of values that you can match. In addition, you can choose to Mark Sessions, Update Request and Response Body and Headers, Use Magic string, Predefined Responses, Delay, and more in terms of execution actions.

To uncover all the possible actions and sub-actions you can apply to a session, based on whether it is from the Live Traffic or Saved and Shared, check out this helpful documentation article for assistance when mocking and testing behaviors.

Rule Builder showing callouts for 'Define multiple conditions' and execute multiple actions based on conditions.

New Fiddler Everywhere Overview Inspector

The Overview Inspector is a new tab that is visible next to the current Inspectors and Rules tabs. Its power lies in that it shows additional information about one or more selected sessions from the Live Traffic or Saved and Shared sessions. With this capability, you gain a whole new level of visibility when monitoring requests and completing a performance review. In addition, the new Overview Inspector comes with a range of widgets designed to up your performance game in a highly visual fashion.

  • Timings: showing a visual representation of the time it takes for the server to process a request and return a response
  • Sizes: showing the total size of the Request header and body and the Responses header and body
  • Request Details: displaying additional information such as URL, Method, Client IP, Remote IP, Protocol and SSL Version
  • Response Details: giving information about Status Code, Status Text, Duration and more
  • Statistics: providing additional data when multiple sessions are selected for review

Overview Tab with a highlight on timings and sizes, saying 'Compare timings, sizes and other statistics across sessions with ease'

Subscription Changes with Fiddler Everywhere 2.0

To ensure you experience the best Fiddler Everywhere has to offer, including enhanced support and the new features outlined in this release and the forthcoming releases, we are moving Fiddler Everywhere to premium subscription only, beginning June 29, 2021. This subscription model allows us to precisely align with your needs for a holistic solution-based debugging approach and acquire the capabilities required to meet your expectations regarding performance and satisfaction.

What Else to Expect from Fiddler Everywhere in 2021

New Fiddler Everywhere Advanced Filters

Get ready, because next up after 2.0 is a new Advanced Filters option. With the Advanced Filters option, you will be equipped to apply filters on the Live Traffic and Saved sessions. Need to filter by predefined categories or create complete filters? We have you covered. Using Advanced Filters, you can make more complex filters by defining the desired criteria and number of conditions you want to include. Applying one or multiple filters will let you search through session results easily and narrow down only the requests you wish to work with. Something that before was considered impossible will be at your fingertips.

Capture HTTPS Traffic Without Trusting Fiddler’s Root Certificate

Listening to your feedback, we understand that installing and trusting Fiddler’s HTTPS certificate can be problematic due to company policy and requirements. To avoid any inconveniences, we will provide an alternative to this process that will still let you capture and inspect traffic. Once implemented, Fiddler Everywhere will give you the option to open a new browser with HTTPS capturing enabled and intercept traffic only from that instance.

For those of you who prefer to set up the Fiddler Root Certificate once and capture traffic automatically upon starting Fiddler Everywhere, this method stays unchanged and can be configured from the settings.

New Saved Sessions Encryption

Building off encrypting saved sessions for export, as we have currently, we will soon provide this option for saving the session itself. This new feature will offer enhanced security with end-to-end encryption (even the Fiddler team cannot open it) when saving sessions in the Local Storage or Cloud Storage, or when sharing them with other people.

HTTP2 Support in Fiddler Everywhere

Another popular feature that is part of the Fiddler Everywhere roadmap for 2021 is HTTP2 support. We are working on introducing capabilities that allow you to capture, inspect and modify HTTP2 requests.

Wrapping Up

Be sure to try out all new features in Fiddler Everywhere by downloading a 30-day trial here, or if you are already an active user, head over to your Fiddler Everywhere application to get the latest update.

Your feedback is precious to us; you can help us further improve the product by sharing your thoughts and ideas in the Fiddler Everywhere Forum. You can also check out our Fiddler Everywhere Roadmap and see what else you can expect from the product in 2021.

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