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We've received some feedback recently that a control for working with TimeSpan values would be a great addition to the RadControls for Windows Phone suite. Just like the Date- and TimePicker controls that target the DateTime struct, RadTimeSpanPicker implements similar user experience for picking TimeSpan values in Windows Phone applications:


The RadTimeSpanPicker control has an easy-to-use API that allows:

  • Defining selectable value ranges
  • Different formats for the selected value
  • Adjusting the available for selection TimeSpan components in the popup (like whether weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds will be selectable)
  • Using null values
  • Using value steps, i.e. defining different steps (intervals) for the selectable TimeSpan components in the popup

RadTimeSpanPicker also supports selecting weeks and automatically converts the selection to a corresponding number of days so that the correct TimeSpan value is composed. Another cool feature is the ability to define which components of the TimeSpan struct will be editable. For instance, you can allow your end users to edit hours and minutes but not days and seconds.

RadTimeSpanPicker implements some smart approaches of calculating the selectable values in a single component selector. For instance, if you have chosen to enable selection of days and minutes, the amount of minutes that will be selectable will be equal to the number of minutes in a single day minus 1. The same is applicable in case you have chosen to enable selecting hours and seconds or days and seconds.
RadTimeSpanPicker is available in Q2 2012 SP2 and is in Beta version now. Your feedback  is therefore much appreciated so let us know as soon as you have something to share.

If you still haven't downloaded our RadControls for Windows Phone, you can get a free trial here.

Deyan Ginev
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