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Join us for a recap of our recent release webinar, as we cover your questions about developing applications with Kendo UI for jQuery, Kendo UI for Angular and more.

Earlier this week, we held the Kendo UI R1 2017 release webinar, which highlighted the latest features we’ve added to Kendo UI for jQuery and Kendo UI for Angular. This webinar was hosted by members of the Developer Relations team at Progress—myself, John Bristowe, as well as Tara Manicsic and Ed Charbeneau. This release represented a significant milestone for Kendo UI as we hit RC.0 with Kendo UI for Angular. This blog post summarizes the event and provides answers to the questions that were asked by attendees.

Webinar Recording

If you were unable to join us for the live webinar, don’t worry: we’ve posted the recording to our YouTube channel.

Prize Winners

We love prizes and giveaways. Who doesn’t? A Kendo UI release webinar wouldn’t be complete without some epic prizes! Here are our two winners:

Selected at random, our attendee winner is Carl NelsonCarl, you have won an LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Congratulations!

The best question was asked by Brun J. Swick during the webinar. Brun, you’ve won a Xbox One S. Awesome stuff!

Questions and Answers

Many questions were asked during the webinar using the #AskTelerik hashtag on Twitter. Here’s a summary of a few of them along with their respective answers:

Is a roadmap available where I can track upcoming features like Date/Time Pickers in Kendo UI for Angular?
Yes, please check an eye on this page for updates!

Do you think you’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the breaking changes coming to Angular without harming our applications?
Teams for Kendo UI and NativeScript are in as-close-a-touch as possible with the Angular team to ensure continuous compatibility.

Do you have a pivot grid in the new release?
The PivotGrid has been available for more than a year now!

What license will we need for the new Angular 2 controls? Can we use the Kendo UI for Angular license for 1.5 and 2.0 projects?
Purchase SKUs are Kendo UI Professional and Kendo UI Complete—both of which include licenses for Kendo UI for Angular 1 and Kendo UI for Angular (2+).

Will you be making ReactJS components, or are you just sticking with jQuery and Angular?
Petyo Ivanov (PM, Kendo UI) wrote about Kendo UI and React recently in a post entitled, Kendo UI for React: The Road Ahead that’s worth reading.

Do the scoped @progress npm packages work with Yarn?
Not yet. There is an issue (#1895) that’s preventing it from working properly at the moment.

When is Kendo UI for jQuery 3 expected to come out?
jQuery 3 is now supported with Kendo UI R1 2017.

Will you be offering both Less and Sass or have you switched completely to Sass?
Our current roadmap is using Sass. Please send your feedback to if you would like to state a case for supporting Less.

With the movement toward .NET Core, Angular, etc., will Telerik continue to keep the ASP.NET MVC wrappers current?
Yes. We’re working very hard on all of this. We’re also hosting a webinar on these (and other) controls very soon!

Will you have the Bootstrap theming and integration with Kendo UI for Angular?
The Bootstrap theme is still in active development and we do not recommend using it for the moment. Expect updates in the next few months.

In an application that is heavily-dependant on filtered JSON DataSources and custom objects, will it be simple to upgrade?
Upgrading versions of Kendo UI for jQuery shouldn’t be too problematic. Jumping from Kendo UI for jQuery to Kendo UI for Angular is entirely different. That’s because the DataSource doesn’t exist in Kendo UI for Angular. It’s not needed because Angular provides a lot of the infrastucture already.

Can I use existing license to this release?
Yes, Kendo UI for Angular RC is included in your existing Kendo UI license.

Will you add the ability to add components through the Angular CI?
At the moment, no. We don’t have generators for the CI. If you think that we should implement some, please let us know by submitting your feedback to!

Currently using Angular 1.x and Kendo UI for jQuery, are there migration guides available to help the move to Kendo for Angular?
We’re working hard to keep the APIs mostly similar. In the meantime, I’d recommend reading Todd Motto’s article entitled, Angular 2 Upgrade Strategies from Angular 1.x for more information about this subject.

Will the new Angular 2 components work with OData providers? Any work on supporting GraphQL in the future?
They should work and work well. GraphQL is very interesting. It should work as well. However, that’s more of Angular’s responsibility than ours to get the data and query it through the protocol that GraphQL uses.

Is there an easy way to customize the base theme to match corporate branding?
If you mean the kendo-theme-default theme, please refer to the section entitled, Custom Themes in our documentation.

Thank You

Thanks everyone again for joining, we’ll see you next time! If you have any feedback, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

About the Author

John Bristowe

John Bristowe is a member of the Developer Relations team at Progress. He specialises in web and mobile app development.

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