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The hard working engineers behind JustMock have been extremely busy cooking up awesome new features.  See the JustMock Roadmap page for more information on what’s coming this year. While most of these features are not quite ready for release, one is, and it’s important enough for an official Service Pack release.

Visual Studio 2013 Preview Support

A lot of buzz has already been created for the next version of Visual Studio and what’s new.  Telerik is right there, in lockstep with Microsoft and Visual Studio.  This is just one of our many announcements regarding our dedication to Visual Studio compatibility and of course to you who live in Visual Studio day in day out.

Will changes come to Visual Studio 2013 that can cause problems with JustMock?  Probably.  VS 2013 is a limited preview release.  That’s not even a beta!  Which means there are two things that are guaranteed - Changes to the preview will happen before the final version is release, and Telerik will keep up with the changes and make sure our software works with VS 2013 every step of the way.

So go ahead, download a copy today, and be assured JustMock works with the same versions of Visual Studio that you do.


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