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Create a Ticket Sharing Group where everyone has access to and receives notifications for any support ticket assigned to the group.

It is my honor to announce a powerful new feature in your account: Ticket Sharing Groups!

Ticket sharing groups page

Ticket Sharing Groups allow you to share technical support cases with members of a group that you’ve predefined. Members of the group can follow and participate in the support cases that the group has been assigned to. More importantly, group members do not need to have their own product or support licenses!

Introduction to Ticket Sharing Groups

Let’s take a quick tour of this capability. From the Your Account page, select the Support Center tab.

View of the Your Account page

You will now see a new “Ticket Sharing Groups” button on the page:

Button to open Ticket Sharing Groups page

The first time you navigate to the Ticket Sharing Groups page, it will be empty. So, let’s add our first group by clicking the Create Group button.

A button to create a new group on the Ticket Sharing Groups page

A Create Group dialog will open over the existing page. There you can edit the group’s name and manage the users of that specific group.

Popup for creating a new group


Once you save the group, it will appear in your groups list, alongside any other groups you are an admin or member of.

Groups landing page with saved groups

The folks you invited will get an email with a link to accept your invitation. Alternatively, they can see the pending invitation on their own Ticket Sharing Groups page!

A pending invitation on the invitee's Ticket Sharing Groups page

Ticket Sharing Groups in Practice

When creating a new Technical Support ticket, you will be able to select a group from your list of Ticket Sharing Groups.

Adding a group in a new support ticket.

Finally, you can always change which groups are involved in existing support cases by changing the Ticket Sharing options setting.

Support Ticket sharing options


With Ticket Sharing Groups, you can stay focused on the problem and have all key players in the same conversation. You no longer need to be concerned about logistics of CC’ing teammates or playing middleman to pass along information to the Technical Support team. We hope this new feature allows you to be more productive and efficient.

If you have any questions or problems with using Ticket Sharing Groups, please don’t hesitate to reach out to ask for assistance.

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Lance McCarthy is Manager Technical Support at Progress. He is also a Microsoft MVP for Windows Development. He covers all Telerik DevCraft products, specializing in .NET desktop, mobile and web components.

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