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We are happy to announce an intermediate release with which we officially declare that RadControls for Windows Phone now support Mango. This release includes a few improvements to the control suite, the most important of which is of course our updated list box that still performs better than the default, framework list box. 

Aside from improved existing controls we also decided to include a message box that can be customized and restyled as required and that is extremely easy to use. It is also localized.

To get a taste of what it is like to use RadMessageBox consider the following example. It demonstrates the simplest use case:

RadMessageBox.Show("Hello Mango!");

Showind RadMessageBox.

Aside from the simplest case, the Show() method can be called with an with arbitrary number and order of arguments since C# 4.0 supports named and optional parameters. For example here is how RadMessageBox can be modified to vibrate when shown and to display an arbitrary number of buttons with arbitrary text:

RadMessageBox.Show(new string[] { "OK", "Ignore", "Cancel" }, "Hello Mango!", vibrate: true);

Customized message box

Another useful feature is check box support. RadMessageBox can show a check box and the user will know whether the check box was checked or not in the message box closed callback. For example:

RadMessageBox.Show(new string[] { "delete", "cancel" },
    "Deleting project",
    "Are you sure you want to delete this project?",
    "Delete tasks (if not, they will be assigned to the \"None\" project)",
    closedHandler: (args) =>
        if (args.IsCheckBoxChecked)
            // Do something if the check box is checked.

RadMessageBox with checkbox

To find out why we claim that RadMessageBox is extensible and easy to use in practice have a look at our online help which contains code and XAML examples that demonstrate all the features that RadMessageBox has. For any questions and feedback feel free to post a thread in our forums, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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