Have you ever wondered how to print your RadGridView and RadScheduler instances? I guess you have. Yet, this is one of the most voted features in our Public Issue Tracking System. The good news is that Q1 2012 is close and printing support for RadGridView and RadScheduler will be a part of it.

This support will allow the end-user to directly pass RadGridView and RadScheduler data to the printer. S\he does not need to export the data to other formats in advance (PDF, Excel, etc.) in order to print it, nor should s\he scan his\her monitor :-)

As always, we’ve made the printing support feature-rich, full of useful tweaks that will produce the right results even for the most pretentious end-users. Common features between RadGridView and RadScheduler printing support are:

  • Page headers, page footers;
  • Watermarks;
  • Paper size settings;
  • Print preview dialogs:

Of course, each control has its own specifics, and so is the respective print support.

RadGridView supports printing of all types of view definitions. You can also print: 

  • Grouped grid;
  • Summaries;
  • Hidden rows, hidden columns;
  • Print headers on each page.

RadScheduler on the other hand supports four different print styles, similar to the Outlook ones:DailyStyle, WeeklyStyle, MonthlyStyle, DetailsStyle. In all these modes you can add to your pages an area for handwritten notes or a date header with a small calendar that shows the busy days. You can also print a single view on two pages which will grant you more available space and allow you to organize the printouts in a folder or notebook.

We are sure you are eager to start printing and you will be able to do so at the end of the next week.

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