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We know there are a lot of JavaScript frameworks out there, which is why the HTML5 Report Viewer in Telerik Reporting can be implemented in Angular, React and Vue.

Let’s play a game. Think of a word and Google it. If the result contains a JavaScript framework with that name then you win, otherwise you lose and drink.

Winning is easier than you might think in this game because the JavaScript world is a rich environment with dozens of tools, libraries, and frameworks. For most developers, it’s challenging to make a choice about which JavaScript application framework to work with, especially when they need to build single-page applications.

Front-end technologies

After the framework wars of the last decade, ‘The Big Three,’ as some call them, are leading the way to a more stable and defined future. React, Vue and Angular are by far the most prominent frameworks and libraries of JavaScript used today.

Which Framework Should You Choose for Displaying Reports?

I want to tell you a secret. It is completely up to you. In this article, I will demonstrate how the HTML5 Report Viewer in Telerik Reporting can be implemented in Angular, React and Vue applications.

Angular, Vue, React


Angular is built by the Angular Team at Google and used by YouTube, PayPal, Upwork, Lego, and more. Angular has been a top choice for enterprise implementations. That’s why Telerik Reporting provides out-of-the-box integration for Angular applications. Our Angular Report Viewer component can be used in Angular apps with both WebPack and SystemJS module loaders. Using our beautiful Kendo UI for jQuery components for its default template, the Angular component wraps the pure HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 jQuery-based Report Viewer widget, which is our most popular report viewer for web applications. Complete step-by-step tutorials how to add and configure Angular report viewer are explained in these excellent articles:


Built by the Facebook team, React is a favorite among developers for building and maintaining products, whether a quick POC or large enterprise software. It’s currently used by many leading companies like Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo!, WhatsApp and many more. We have an excellent how-to knowledge base article which explains how the HTML5 Report Viewer can be used inside a React application:


Created by Evan You and adopted by organizations like Alibaba, Vue is becoming a fast favorite among those who discover it. Other top companies that have trusted Vue.js include Adobe, WizzAir, Xiaomi, Grammarly and many more. A knowledge base article which also illustrates how the HTML5 Report Viewer can be used inside a Vue.js application can be found at:

front-end technologies

Before we wrap up, I need to mention that we don’t have built-in support for React and Vue.js, but our development plans are based on users' demand. Currently, we provide wrappers for MVC, WebForms and Angular applications. But you can like/comment with your feedback in the already logged feature requests in our Feedback & Ideas portal:

Try it Out and Share Feedback

We want to know what you think—you can download a free trial of Telerik Reporting or Telerik Report Server today and share your thoughts in our Feedback Portal, or right in the comments below.

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Silviya Boteva

Silviya Boteva is a frontend developer at Progress. Her passion is creating a pixel-perfect UI and breathing life into the UI components with React. In her heart, she is a traveler, a Bulgarian folklore dancer, bookaholic and coffee addict. Her most loved ones (except her family members) are her two sweet cats.

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