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Whether you have already drawn insights from our (free) 2016 .NET Developer Community Report or not, you will likely find this new slice of the results delicious. This infographic presents a few interesting cross-sections of data from our 2016 .NET Developer Survey, some of which are not included in the report.

Conducted in January/February 2016, the survey reached more than 1,000 .NET developers. It covers topics ranging from technology adoption to favorite tools and learning habits. To see the full picture, download our survey report and enjoy the insightful commentary of our developer advocates John Bristowe, Sam Basu and Ed Charbeneau. You can also read our previous posts covering the survey.


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Nora Georgieva is a faithful IT industry fan currently focused on Telerik’s .NET and JavaScript solutions. She loves the challenge of translating the hard day’s work of her colleagues into interesting and meaningful information for demanding audiences, such as other developers. Nora grew up playing chess and computer games and discovered the joys of motion through martial arts, winter sports and the IT scene later in life.

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