The 2016 .NET
Community Report

Developer views on key technologies and innovations
across web, desktop and mobile

This year we are taking a close look on one specific, and large, part of our developer community: the .NET developers. We surveyed over 1,000 developers on topics ranging from technology adoption, favorite tools and learning habits, to trends and perceptions of the latest Microsoft technologies.

Download the 2016 .NET Developer Community Report to discover:

  • The community's choice of technology by platform: web, desktop and mobile
  • Attitudes to innovations in the ecosystem
  • The established technologies that may be losing ground
  • The votes on Notepad++ or VS Code, LESS or Sass, WPF or Windows Forms

The report's special ingredient? Insightful commentary by our developer advocates John Bristowe, Sam Basu and Ed Charbeneau.

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.NET Developer Survey Report