It's been a month since we had the first official release of our tools for Universal Windows Apps. The product shipped with a bundle of nine universal controls targeting both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, and nine controls that are for Windows 8.1, exclusively. During that time, we’ve managed to collect a lot of useful information from developers that helped us better shape the product. We also deliver few promises.

The Q3 2014 Service Pack of Telerik UI for Windows Universal comes with improvements to our data controls, namely the DataBoundListBox (available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1) and the DataGrid (available for Windows 8.1).

Frozen Columns in the DataGrid

This feature has been highly suggested by developers using our Windows Store tools. For those wondering what are frozen columns, it’s the same behavior you'd see in the frozen panes of Excel. If you have a large table, it is usually useful to keep columns visible while scrolling horizontally through the rest of the data. For that purpose, we’ve optimized the horizontal scrolling mechanism of the DataGrid to deliver better performance in scenarios that involve a lot of columns.

Enabling frozen columns in your app is as easy as setting the FrozenColumnCount property of the DataGrid. For example, setting it to "1" will freeze the first column and so on. Feel free to share your input on our forums and feedback portal.


The ItemTemplateSelector of the control now takes into account the PropertyChanged event handler of your view model. This means that you can update the UI simply by changing a property in your business logic.

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