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By inheriting from RadDataBoundListBoxRadJumpList gets all the functionality that is normally introduced there. This is also the case with the support for the Check Boxes mode we recently introduced in RadDataBoundListBox. Basically, just as in RadDataBoundListBox, you can enable and activate the check mode in RadJumpList, check/uncheck items and also handle events that inform you when an item has been checked or unchecked. You also have access to the CheckedItems collection which can be used to programmatically check or uncheck items:



Now we have decided to extend this mode in RadJumpList since in the context of grouping items (what actually sets RadJumpList apart from RadDataBoundListBox) the check boxes mode changes a bit. Here comes the newly added GroupCheckMode property which exposes an enumeration containing values that can be used to instruct RadJumpList to handle checking or unchecking a data group in a different way. Basically you can:

  • Instruct RadJumpList to check or uncheck all group children (including nested groups) when a group is checked or unchecked
  • Instruct RadJumpList to prevent the end-user from being able to check or uncheck data groups - only data items
  • Leave RadJumpList handle checking or unchecking data groups separately just as if they were normal data items

To better demonstrate this new functionality, we have extended our CheckBoxes example of RadJumpList to make use of this new property. Take a look at the short video below that demonstrates its usage:

You can find these new features in RadControls for Windows Phone Q3 2011 Beta which is available for download through your Telerik account.

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