We are most excited to announce the public availability of our RadControls for Windows 8 Q1 2013 release. It has been a hard Q for us as we aimed high to provide first class Data Grid solution for Windows 8, re-imagined for Touch and the Modern UI design patterns, in a 4-months time frame. We promised and we delivered – a CTP version of our Windows 8 Grid control is available for you to experiment with:

Grid (XAML + HTML)

The component is highly optimized, fast and fluid on low-end devices likes ATOM and ARM. Sorting, Grouping, Filtering, UI Virtualization, Data-binding, Automatic Column Generation are just some of the major highlights of RadGrid for Windows 8. More details about typical grid usage and scenarios may be found in this blog post.

The good news is along with the above major new component we managed to deliver several other new goodies, requested by our users:

AutoCompleteBox (XAML, already existing in HTML)

This Windows 8 Auto Complete control provides a convenient way to suggest a selection entry based on some user input. Support for in-memory suggestions source as well as Web Service source come out of the box.

Chart Annotations + Plot Bands (XAML)

This highly requested feature allows you to visually emphasize different aspects of the plotted data. As with the rest of our Chart API, every Annotations aspect is fully programmable and complex scenarios are easily achievable.

Chart Empty Values (XAML)

This is another important and requested feature in our Windows 8 Charting component – the Null (a.k.a. Empty) values now are handled and visualized in a special way.

Chart Financial Series (HTML, already existing in XAML)

On the HTML side this was another highly requested feature. Well, it is not “requested” anymore but rather available :)

Well, these are the major highlights of this important milestone. We really hope that you will love the new features and components. Your feedback is highly appreciated and it really helps us build better components – please feel free to share it for HTML or for XAML!

Do not miss the upcoming Windows 8 Webinar where our Evangelists will highlight all the new features in better details:

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Georgi has 15 years of experience in multiple software technologies. Ten years ago, he joined Telerik, later acquired by Progress, and he has set up and led multiple products and teams since. His latest endeavor is building a product that adds the Progress value into the augmented and virtual reality development workflow.


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