The Q3 2013 Beta release of RadControls for Windows 8 is out now, and I am pleased to announce all the great new controls and features coming with it.

Based on the feedback that you have provided we created these amazing controls:



The highly requested mapping control is now part of the XAML suite and it is definitely worth your attention. RadMap leverages Direct2D rendering to produce the fastest performance in the Windows 8 controls market. This way it allows you to render thousands of shapes even on slower devices and keep the rich user experience provided by the control.
RadMap for Windows 8 HTML

Scheduler CTP (HTML)

The other much requested control is RadScheduler that is now part of the HTML suite. It has all of the important features needed for planning events, producing timetables and tracking recurring events. Among these features are multiple views, rich resource support, editing capabilities, templates, grouping and many more.

RadScheduler for Windows 8 HTML

RadialMenu (HTML/XAML)

Yet another great control that we have introduced to both XAML and HTML suites is the RadRadialMenu. The control is a context menu designed for easier interaction in touch devices. It enables the end-user to choose among hierarchically grouped commands and options in a convenient way where the user does not have to stretch their fingers across the entire screen of the mobile device but rather across a designated area. As you can see in the demos, apart from being very useful as it is, RadRadialMenu goes further exposing a variety of customizations.

RadRadialMenu for Windows 8 

ColorPicker (HTML)

A beautiful new addition to the HTML controls is RadColorPicker. It consists of three picker types – RGB picker, HSB picker and Palette picker. They are all designed for the best touch experience.

RadColorPicker for Windows 8 HTML 

RangeSlider (XAML)

RadRangeSlider for Windows 8 XAML now complements the native WinRT Slider. Now the user can select not only a single value from a scale but a range of values, which is especially useful in filtering scenarios.

RadRangeSlider for Windows 8 XAML 


Of course, we didn’t stop here. Apart from the many new controls, we also improved the existing ones. You are going to hear more about them later but let me note the most important ones.


  • RadGrid: Incremental loading in RadGrid for Windows 8 XAML that helps you display large amounts of data without slowing down your app performance and features appealing UI.
  • Data Storage:  Improved performance and indices support for C#.


  • Data Storage:  Schema support and integration with Telerik.Data.DataSource.
  • Chart: New Polar and Radar series in RadChart for Windows 8 HTML.
  • Calendar: Range selection and support for related calendars.
  • DatePicker/TimePicker: New step property for customizing the date and time steps in looping lists.

You can find these and more features, along with a list of all fixes for the Beta in the Release Notes.

If you are eager to try the controls and all these great additions now, download the Beta installation for HTML or XAML. You will also be able to try them from a user’s point of view soon through an update of the Windows Store demo applications.

If you are a license owner, you can go to the download page for the Q2 2013 SP1 release for HTML or XAML and find the Beta downloads at the bottom.

As usual, we do encourage any questions and feedback that you have. You can write in the Beta forums for HTML and XAML to ask any question you have, provide us with feedback through the Ideas and Feedback portal, or report any bugs you encounter through the support ticketing system.

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Tsvetina Ivanova

Senior Support Officer
Telerik Windows 8 Team


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