Perhaps nobody uses every bit of keyboard navigation when it comes to menus. I bet that there aren’t many of you who use F10 to activate the menu. You nevertheless expect our RadMenu to support keyboard navigation out of the box for the very few of your clients who are using the full set of navigation commands.

Full keyboard support will be available in the next internal build so that you folks can give it a go: you will get accelerators, mnemonics, F10, and of course, the arrows and enter/escape keys support.

The best part is that all commands will be internally handled by RadMenu; the only thing that you really need to do is add “&” before the letter of your choice if you want to use accelerators or mnemonics, just like in the standard control. One trivial example will be:

this.RadMenuItem1.Text = “&File”; 



This will underline the proper shortcut letter (F in this case), and then pressing Alt+F will then open the File menu. You can do the same for the New menu item, where the only difference is that since the New item is on the second level in the menu, it is called mnemonic instead of accelerator.

So you can press Alt+F to open the file menu and then you can press just N to create a new document.

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