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Explore how Fiddler Jam’s Chrome extension can boost remote debugging security credibility with end users while delivering world-class troubleshooting solutions for support teams of all sizes. Finally, a unified toolchain that delivers results without sacrifices.

What is a typical lifecycle of troubleshooting end-user issues? It begins with your customers reporting a bug. The support team then responds to the issue and asks the end user for additional context for the bug encountered. While the end user responds to the inquiry to the best of their ability, important events are unintentionally not relayed back to the support team.

With the information they are armed with, the support team explores the issue and attempts to resolve common bugs. If the issue is not something that a support agent can solve immediately or if they need further context, the next tactic is for the support agent to ask the end user to provide screenshots and console logs.

We all know getting sufficient and accurate information from end users in an unstructured way is complex. With the changes in remote work, support teams and internal end users are facing new challenges.

Most customers dread reaching out to ask for support in resolving their issues because of past experiences with the antiquated process of submitting tickets, providing logs and recounting the reproducible steps. Yet having an end user walk through a labyrinth of steps still doesn’t yield the full context of the support needs.

And then what about the developers? They struggle with collecting and organizing the vast amounts of information spread across multiple channels, not to mention the different toolchains. The developers have an immense workload, and the traditional troubleshooting approach doesn’t offer the collaboration component needed to stop the productivity leak.

Introducing Fiddler Jam

When it comes to tools for reporting and fixing bugs, the Fiddler engineering team identified a need in the market for a secure, unified troubleshooting solution. Enter the newest product to the Fiddler family, Fiddler Jam. We set out to accomplish the following with Fiddler Jam:

  • Reduce the amount of time and energy support teams spend collecting information and context from end users in the very first step.
  • Offer a simple self-service solution where end users can submit all the information by themselves.
  • Deliver an all-in-one solution that fosters collaboration between the support team and the development team.

How Fiddler Jam Will Help Your Team

Now that you know how Fiddler Jam came to be, let’s go deeper into why you can’t afford not to be using it as the troubleshooting solution for your support and development teams. Here is Fiddler Jam at a glance:

  • Uniquely solves end-user issues rapidly and securely
  • Harmoniously standardizes the whole troubleshooting process by being the one-stop solution for gathering context and collaborating between teams
  • Structurally Fiddler Jam has two parts: the first a Chrome extension, which lets users submit information or logs, and the second a web portal for support teams to view and analyze submitted logs
  • Synergistically works with Fiddler Everywhere when there is a need for both troubleshooting and debugging to perform an in-depth analysis on a desktop application

How It Works

Now time for a quick overview of how Fiddler Jam works. The support team instructs the end user to install the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension from the Chrome Store. Once installed, the end user goes to their browser instance and captures logs with a single click on the “start capture” button from the Fiddler Jam extension.

Fiddler jam Capture

Once the end user has submitted their log via a link through the extension, the support team opens the Fiddler Jam portal to analyze and sift through the events.

Fiddler Jam Troubleshooting

Think back to the beginning of the post, how tedious the traditional approach was. We summed up a better exchange of data in a few sentences, and no details will be missed using the Fiddler Jam approach. End users will no longer be confused or concerned about using multiple methods to submit bug context and will be at ease knowing it requires them to use one Chrome extension.

The Chrome extension is highly intuitive and, by design, is lightweight for easy installation and usage. The Fiddler Jam extension captures the information and context seamlessly uploaded and stored along with screenshots and network activity to the Fiddler Jam portal. Without manual intervention, end users can quickly share the URL for the logs they are submitting and choose whether they want to password-protect the log.

The combination of the Fiddler Jam extension and the portal is the power of the solution. From reproducing a bug to recording it to resolving it—now this can occur in minutes, not hours or days. Plus, instead of the multiple email threads and file attachments, every detail, no matter how small, is available to the support team in a single URL.

If the issue needs in-depth analysis and further debugging, the URL can be conveniently shared with the development team. Fiddler Jam is packed with a host of features for support groups to collaborate more effectively. A bonus is that the support team can analyze the logs on the dashboard and add comments or send URLs to the development team, all further enhancing the collaboration experience.

With Fiddler Jam, support teams have an uncomplicated approach for collecting information without hand-holding the end user or spending an exhaustive amount of communication time. The back-and-forth communication between the end users and the support team is reduced to a minimum, leading to shorter resolution times. The dev teams are delighted to have a single toolchain to analyze and collaborate to provide a fix.

If you are interested in optimizing your support process or workflow, check out Fiddler Jam. You can try a fully functionally trial free for 14-days. There are plans for every team size, and you can start realizing massive time savings Day One.

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About the Author

Eve Turzillo

Eve is a senior developer advocate at Progress and is enthralled in everything to do with web debugging and the world of network traffic. When not writing content or streaming, you can find her at your favorite developer events.

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