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DevReach 2020 is now online and free.

DevReach streaming an Escape Room, offering an exclusive VR experience and shining a light on your everyday tech heroes. Read on to find out how to experience it all.

It’s coming! DevReach is just around the corner—kicking off next Monday, 19 Oct. And because everyone here on the Developer Relations team carries the ‘too-much’ gene, we couldn’t help but sprinkle some more awesome surprises on top of the DevReach goodness we have already planned.

On Monday and Wednesday we’ll be immersing ourselves in equal parts VR and nostalgia (for in-person DevReach, of course) with a super experimental invite-only session with Sam Basu and Panayot Cankov, who recreated the creative area of our Sofia office in VR and will be taking attendees through it. It is invite-only, so you need to make sure you’re registered for DevReach to get that email and that you own a VR set to join the session!

On Tuesday we will recreate a recent team bonding session we had, where we failed to escape a virtual escape room on a ship. We failed miserably at the escape task, but we had so much fun together, that we thought why not share it with our DevReach community! This way you will be able share the experience and your escape room strategies with us, and we get to stay in the DevReach world with you a bit longer.

And on Friday? Well on Friday we’ll be gathering all the chickens in the coop for an absolutely jam-packed #CodeParty—with trivia & prizes, of course, but also with some awesome guests and well-deserved community shout-outs. For the community highlight portion of the #CodeParty, we’d love to hear who your daily tech heroes are—colleagues, friends, local meet up group organizers, GitHub contributors, could be anyone as long as they make your life in tech better in some way. You can nominate them in the form below. It comes with perks, too.

So just in case you have not registered for the event yet, make sure you do. But why, you ask, since it’s free? Well, you’ll get all the detailed info about these and access to exclusive giveaways in your email after you register. You will also get some special opportunities to ask our speakers in depth questions beforehand, so they can prepare, and answer live on stream.

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 Ivana Dimitrova
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Ivana Dimitrova

Ivana was a social media specialist, part of the Developer Relations team here at Progress.

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