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DevReach is happening! We are going ONLINE for a full week of tech goodness Oct 19 - 23. We're diving into Blazor, React, Xamarin & Angular tech chats, live-coding, pair coding, industry insight, career advice and more.


DevReach is happening, just not in person. We are going ONLINE for a full week October 19 - 23 of tech goodness—tech chats, live-coding, pair coding, industry insight, career advice and more.

Monday through Thursday we’ll focus respectively on Blazor, React, Xamarin and Angular, and on Friday we’ll focus on... partying, trivia, prizes... and the human side of technology.

It’s FREE, it’s live and we’ve prepped some awesome surprises.

Continue reading for the full details or just register here.

2020 has caught us all by surprise... to put it lightly.

Early in January we still hadn’t gotten over the excitement from #DevReach2019 but had started planning for an even bigger, better, bi-continental and frankly, cooler, in-person conference. But then... well, everything we now know to be our daily life happened.

We were faced with three choices—stick to the plan and hope by October the world will be back to normal; cancel; or pivot, but don’t miss out. And... you know us. Historically we’re not ones to miss out.

DevReach is moving ONLINE! Get ready for DevReach 2.0(20).

Deciding to go ONLINE naturally took us towards opening up the event and making it fully free. If we’re going to be online, we thought, we might as well get together with as many people as possible! But once we decided to go online, we were hit by the overwhelming digital fatigue from the rest of the online conferences already happening on our screens. Zoom sessions left, right and center, full days of ‘meetings’ to replicate full days of talks—so much awesome content, so little time to tune in or catch up. And this got us thinking.

How do we make DevReach ONLINE but more chill, more communal, more... well, DevReach?

Those of you who have been with us on the DevReach journey for all or at least part of the past 11 editions—attendees, speakers, sponsors, partners, teammates—know that one of the main things around DevReach is community. We’ve been fortunate to become an integral part of the Bulgarian and CEE Tech conference scene thanks to the thousands of awesome people who have attended, spoken at, helped organize or just supported DevReach.

This is why when we decided to go ONLINE, we zoomed in on the community part of it all. We decided that we’d focus on making this a fun experience where speakers and attendees can still chat, discuss the hot tech topics of the day and generally feel the wholesome goodness of the community… all from the comfort of their homes and/or current working stations.

So, around the same time we started thinking about DevReach going online, we also started streaming heavily on Twitch. Like... every day. And that turned out to be quite fun and very interactive. We got to chat to regular viewers, we got to live code & pair code; we got real time feedback on our code and an advice every so often when googling an issue didn’t cut it.

Having that knowledge and (humble) streaming experience we slowly but surely got to the decision that DevReach, whatever we decide to make out of it in 2020, needs to happen on Twitch.

So, we made it official. DevReach 2.0(20) will stream live on our Twitch channel CodeItLive and on its especially designed web page (Thank you, Web team! <3) for a full week October 19-23.

The format we’ve planned gives everyone the chance to chat almost like they’re in the same room in the section right next to the stream. We’ll have everything—speakers, moderators, guests, Progress colleagues, Telerik, Kendo UI and other engineers, other attendees and viewers. Basically, just a fun hangout spot. But most importantly the speakers streaming at that day will be able to see what’s up in the chatroom in real time as they’re streaming. This means you can ask questions, suggest solutions to coding issues they face or just throw them a friendly greet.

Okay... streamers, speakers, chats... what is actually going to happen?

Apart from being on Twitch, we’d actually like to spruce things up in terms of format, too.

We won’t have keynotes and talks but will rather welcome a string of (sometimes groups of) bright tech people on stream and we’ll focus on one technology each day. We’ll chat code, but we’ll also live-code. We’ll talk industry, career, life and everything in-between with some of the biggest names in Blazor, React, Xamarin and Angular.

Every day will be different from the previous one. We've left it to our hosts—Ed Charbeneau, TJ VanToll, Sam Basu & Alyssa Nicoll - to create a stream around their technology. All we can say for now is—they’re a creative bunch, so you can be sure they’re working hard on coming up with something useful and fun.

Friday? More like FriYAY! We’ll wrap up the week with a #CodeParty, of course—an evening of trivia, prizes and plenty of industry insight from some of the coolest tech cats in the space.

Dive into the full run down of the DevReach 2.0(20) week.

All of this sounds awesome, right? It does to us—we're psyched for it, to put it lightly.

But how do you make most of it?

Register. The event might be #free this year but registering will still offer some exclusive perks and bragging rights, of course. For registered attendees—we've prepped some info, reminders and additional surprises.

To hang out in the chat—you just need to sign up for a free Twitch account (if you don’t already have one). This is super quick and easy and will guarantee you can interact in the chat, use the custom event emotes (Twitch emojis) & most importantly, be part of chat-exclusive giveaways and surprises.

DevReach, as always, will be on social, too. Follow us on Twitter and / or Facebook for updates before the event and some #social fun during. You can bet that we’ve prepped some social-media-exclusive giveaways, too. All I’m going to say is—prep your ears and typing gear, we’ll have some fun with stream quotes, attendee snaps and community shout outs.

Let’s recap.

In short, we are super happy to share that DevReach is indeed happening this year, too. It may not be the grand cool DevReach we planned to have in person, but it’s the absolute best DevReach we can produce online as a team and stay connected with the always so amazing DevReach community (and hopefully grow it).

We’ll be live on CodeItLive and the DevReach 2.0(20) page every day in the week of October 19 – 23 with Monday through Thursday focusing respectively on Blazor, React, Xamarin and Angular from 3 pm to 7 pm EET (8 am to noon EDT / noon to 4 pm UTC), welcoming some of the best minds in those fields right now; and Friday focusing on... partying... and the human side of technology from 7 pm to 10 pm EET (noon to 3 pm EDT / 4 pm to 7 pm UTC) welcoming even more cool tech humans.

Let’s hang out... ONLINE! <3

REGISTER FOR DevReach 2.0(20)

 Ivana Dimitrova
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Ivana Dimitrova

Ivana was a social media specialist, part of the Developer Relations team here at Progress.


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