I am happy to share that RadScheduler for WinForms gets some cool new improvements for Q2 2009. Our Roadmap does not reveal much, but here is a quick preview of what we have been working on.
When we started developing the Telerik WinForms scheduler we knew that we could make the data binding process much simpler than the ongoing implementation. Not that this is hard to do currently, no. We simply had some ideas how to make it better, and even codeless, so that you do not have to spend much time on this task. In the new version you will be able to bind RadScheduler to a data source with just a few mouse clicks, and without any code.
We have added a new Data Source property in Scheduler’s ActionList, which you can use to specify the SchedulerBindingDataSource component which will be used as a data source in RadScheduler.

The SchedulerBindingDataSource smart tag shows two types of provider properties, which can be used for setting the data sources for the Appointments and the Resources (EventProvider and ResourceProvider).

By using the ActionList you can quickly specify the DataSource and DataMember properties, and then all you need to do is edit the mappings between the objects used in RadScheduler and your data source objects. This is also done without code by using our own RadControls for WinForms directly in Visual Studio.
Clicking on the “Edit Appointment Mapping” will open the Appointment Mapping Dialog, which will be populated automatically from your data source with the necessary values:


The same is true for the “Edit Resource Mapping” dialog for editing ResourceMappingInfo:


Neat, right?

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