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Our thanks and congratulations go out to the hard-working supporters of the C# Advent Calendar.

I’ve been part of the C# and .NET community for the past 20 years and my experience has been extremely positive. Not only has there always been a genuine feeling of community, but there has also been an ongoing effort to teach each other. The community is quite active with blogging, live streaming, and creating samples to help others better themselves.

A few years ago, an idea by Matt Groves to create an annual C# Advent Calendar was put into action. The idea was to celebrate the community and its content by organizing a calendar and sharing something new each day from December 1 through December 25. To make the C# Advent Calendar a success, Matt needed the community to deliver new content throughout the month. Not only did the community deliver, but they also exceeded expectations. In recent years, the C# Advent Calendar has continued to bring 50 new pieces of content to the C# community throughout December, doubling the initial amount—an amazing achievement!

Celebrating the Top Contributors

At Progress Software, we believe that community is important to the growth of technology. As a Developer Advocate, I’m always looking to help support developers who are going above and beyond to help the community grow.

To congratulate the hard-working supporters of the C# Advent Calendar, our team is sending out some nice gifts to the top contributors to the C# Advent Calendar.

A special thanks goes to:

  • Baskar Rao
  • Barret Blake
  • Brant Burnett
  • Jonathan Danylko
  • Matt Eland
  • Eric Potter
  • Gérald Barré
  • James Curran
  • James Hickey

Thank you for making the C# Advent Calendar possible through your content contributions!

Make sure you check out the C# Advent Calendar for a full list of content release this year, and keep an eye out for next year’s calendar.

Read this year’s contributions by Progress team members:

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