Hi every one, I want to take a moment and introduce you to a series I will be writing here on Telerik blogs.  I will be creating an MVC2 application utilizing Telerik MVC extensions, Open Access, and jQuery.  The goal is to discuss real world problems that are faced when building this type of application, and to show solutions to these issues. It will start with building a model, then the DAL, and then move onto UI issues.  I will also show ways to handle large record sets with OA fetch plans/caching, and show some tips/tricks to help keep the UI very responsive in these cases.


The application I will be building is a simple asset management application which will track assets, asset groups, and basic cost info.  While building the application I will look at using data annotations, and display/edit templates where appropriate The main interface will be an overview of all asset information, and then the user will be able to dive into each asset, or asset group for more specific information.  The goal for the UI is to enable the user see the key information they need on a day to day basis, but not overwhelm them with all information at one time.


I look forward to hearing everyone’s input on the project as it progresses.  Check back soon for the entry on building the model! :)


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